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For a detailed description of the interaction between active skill gems and support gems, see gem.

Skill gem (known as Active Skill Gems in item filter), is an item class which grants skills to the player by placing them into an item socket. Similar to support gems, skill gems can gain experience and level up increasing both their Attribute(s) and character level requirement as well as the effect of the stats granted by the skill.

Skill gems can be further augmented by placing appropriate support gems into a linked socket.

Skill gems have gem tags which are used to categorize them, but note that gem tags are not intended to indicate whether a skill gem can be supported by other gems[1] or whether specific stats (or modifiers)[2] apply.

While support gems are referred to as "support gems" by passive skills and item mods, such as Catarina's +# to Level of Socketed Support Gems, item filters refer to them as Support Skill Gems.

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