List of Path of Exile community applications

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General game-related apps

Link Author(s) Description Language(s) OS
Windows Linux Mac
PoESkillTree EmmittJ Offline skill and atlas tree planner C#
Path of Building Community Fork Path Of Building Community
Fork of Openarl's Path Of Building that includes many extra features not in the base version of PoB Lua
Filtration ben-wallis Item filter editor (Discontinued) C#
Exile Diary briansd9, MrTin Map loot tracker JavaScript
PoE SecondScreen Halkreen Second screen window for Path Of Exile leveling process TypeScript
POE Atlas Builder keyzou Atlas Passive Tree planner TypeScript

Stash management tools

Link Author(s) Description Language(s) OS
Windows Linux Mac
Acquisition xyzz Inventory management tool (Discontinued) C++
Looty! benjaminjackman Stash search - find anything Scala.js, Chrome addon
Procurement Stickymaddness Inventory management tool (Discontinued) C#
Exilence Next viktorgullmark Lets you calculate how valuable your character, inventory and stash tabs are TypeScript

Trade helpers

Link Author(s) Description Language(s) OS
Windows Linux Mac
PoE Watcher Glorf Item search tool Python
Should work
PoE-TradeMacro Eruyome Automatic Price checking script (Discontinued) AHK
Awakened PoE Trade SnosMe Path of Exile trading app for price checking TypeScript
Menagerie nomis51 A Path of Exile trade manager to simplify and speed up your trading experience, and much more! C#
Sidekick domialex A Path of Exile companion tool. Price check items, check for dangerous map modifiers, look at easily accessible cheatsheets, and more! C# / Electron
MercuryTrade Exslims Trading enhancement tool (Discontinued) Java
MercuryTrade Community Fork Morph21 Fork of MercuryTrade to continue supporting the tool Java
PoE Currency Helper Grid serjoscha87 Trade-window currency helper (Overlay grid) Java
Should work Should work
PoE Overlay Community Fork WhiteFang5 Community Fork of PoE Overlay to continue development as a standalone app without the need to use Overwolf TypeScript
PoE Overlay Kyusung4698 Overwolf version of PoE Overlay by the original author with more features than the community fork Overwolf / Angular

Browser extensions

Link Author(s) Description Language(s) Browser
Chrome Edge Firefox
Better PathOfExile Trading
(Chrome/Edge, FireFox)
Exile Center A browser extension that enhances the experience. JavaScript

Development resources

Link Author(s) Description Language OS
Windows Linux Mac
libggpk MuxaJIbI4 GGPK Viewer, API for .ggpk and .dat files,
based on BrahminRamen's libggpk, rewritten by MuxaJIbI4 (Discontinued)
LibGGPK2 aianlinb Library for Content.ggpk of game PathOfExile.

Rewrite of MuxaJIbI4/libggpk

PyPoE OmegaK2 API for working with Path of Exile file formats and various other PoE-related APIs, GGPK Viewer interface/app, exporting scripts for the wiki and dat files (Discontinued) Python 3.4+
Path of Exile GGPK reader ex-nihil GGPK file extractor Rust
GGPK Helpers Patrolavia GGPK toolkit that list content, extract files, defrag, verify checksum (Discontinued) Go
LibBundle aianlinb Library for handling *.bundle.bin in GGPK after version 3.11.2 C#
RePoE brather1ng Resources for tool developers Python
PoE (Overlay) Asset Updater WhiteFang5 3-in-1 tool with a Visualizer to view (the contents of) PoE files, a Reader that acts as an API to access PoE files and an Updater that's solely used to generate json files that can be interpreted by the PoE Overlay Community Fork app C#


Link Author(s) Description For
POE Filter Robby POE Filter Syntax Highlight VSCode
POE HideOut Robby POE Hideout Syntax Highlight VSCode


Link Author(s) Description Language OS
Windows Linux Mac
poe-archnemesis-scanner 4rtzel Automatically scan Archnemesis inventory and display related information Python
ArchNemID seitrec Parse a screenshot of the Archnemesis inventory into a readable page Python
Lailloken-UI Lailloken Overlay to bring several QoL features to the archnemesis game mechanic (using OCR) AutoHotkey


Link Author(s) Description Language(s) OS
Android iOS
Path of Crafting RFCODING Crafting sandbox Java
Path of Exile Cheat Sheet Altriak Cheat Sheet for Betrayal, Delve, Incursion, and Legion Leagues Java
PoE Trends Bluelit Halo Economy Tracker Java
POEMate Evgheni Obrucicov Skill tree planner Java
Exile Companion Drusy PoE helper, Economy, Favorite characters, Progress notifications Swift

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