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This is a curated list of websites and web applications created by the Path of Exile community of players.

Please respect the following guidelines for adding new websites to the list:

General game-related

Link Authors Description
Developer Tracker rz2yoj Tracks the post from GGG staff members on the official forums.
POE Patch notes jakkoreia Shows all official GGG patch notes, searchable
PoEDB Chuanhsing Path of Exile Database with English, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Portuguese
Poelab poelab Website that shows all Labyrinth Layouts everyday.
PoE Vault News, guides, builds and items database, and dev tracker.
Craft of Exile nebuchenazarr Craft simulation and estimation of crafting price Vauxite - Let´s get rich! Help you make data-driven choices by combining real time item values with drop-rates gathered by the community.
Path of Exile on Guides, builds
Exile Leveling HeartofPhos Step by step leveling planning. (Source)
Maps of Exile deathbeam Interactive map atlas, map divination cards and weights (Source)
Grinding.Zone giobego Info hub / index, act guide and loot filter editor.
WealthyExile wealthyexile Stash items value tracker.
PoeStack Zach Herridge Stash items value tracker.
PoE Profile Info IvanD87, Joro Stoenchev PoE profile/characters explorer.
PoeStrat ppraisethesun Stash items value and strategy efficiency tracker. (des)mosthenes Homepage launchpad style, deep crawling, news, podcast, video, info aggregator for Path of Exile.
Challenge Guide CraniumViolence League Challenge Guide


Link Authors Description
Vorici Chromatic Calculator Siveran Estimates the success chance and average cost of colouring sockets through Crafting Bench.
Aura Calculator Mikelat Calculates how many auras you can run.
Ancient Orb Calculator Halfacandan Lists the percentage chance of each outcome when using an Ancient Orb on a given base unique.
Tainted Mythic Orb Calculator Halfacandan Lists the percentage chance of each outcome when using a Tainted Mythic Orb on a given base item.
Timeless Jewel Calculator Vilsol Searches for Timeless Jewels that contain modified passives with specified mods

Build guide indexers

Link Authors Description
Build of Exile lenemson Indexes the build threads on the path of exile forums and lets your search them effectively
Path of Exile Build Collection [Unknown] Indexes the build threads on the path of exile forums and lets your search them effectively

Passive skill tree and build planners

Link Authors Description
PoE Planner poeplanner Online build planner
PoE Skill Tree EmmittJ Online skill tree planner

Atlas skill tree planners

Link Authors Description
Atlas Skill Tree GGG Official Atlas Passive Tree planner
PoE Planner - Atlas Tree poeplanner Atlas Passive Tree planner
PoE Skill Tree - Atlas Tree EmmittJ Atlas Passive Tree planner


Link Authors Description Economic Overview rasmuskl The site constantly consumes Path of Exile's Public stash tab API, keeping track of all relevant items for sale. The data is analyzed and aggregated to approximate exchange rates between currencies and prices of items.
PoE-Antiquary ExTeaSea Grabs data off to display price data from past leagues price check SlugPranker A simple tool to price check items in path of exile by "copy and paste".
Watcher's Eye Search Vindexus Search trade site for Watcher's Eyes based on chosen auras.


Link Authors Description
HideoutShowcase Namanix Hideouts import file database and calculator. Contains screenshots, videos, master level required, decorations needed, etc.

Item filters

The following is a list of web applications used for creating and editing item filters.

Link Authors Description
ItemScript Editor bschug Online item filter editor
FilterBlade NeverSink, Tobnac & Haggis NeverSink's Lootfilter Customizer


Link Authors Description
Mystery Box Calculator Esipode A calculator for Path of Exile's quarterly mystery boxes. Simulates boxes results to accurately represent potential profit/loss on gambling. Source Code


Link Authors Description
PoE-ArchnemTree kukuminer Archnemesis mods recipe browser

Path of Exile subreddits

Link Description
r/pathofexile General purpose Path of Exile reddit
r/pathofexiledev Reddit dedicated to developing tools related to Path of Exile
r/pathofexilebuilds Reddit dedicated to sharing and discussing builds
r/pathofexiletrades Trading reddit
r/PoELFG Place to find other players to play PoE with


Link Authors Description
Skill Gem Finder Gyromitre Skill Gem Finder
Path of Regex Vegard Veiset Regex tools for filtering vendors, map modifiers, Gwennen gambles, etc.
Div Cards But Better Marinersquee What divination cards you can drop on each map, if they are worth it and what is the stack size. (Source)
Path of Exile Audio Index Dialogue audio archive
Unique Collection Ladder ( cold A Unique Item ownership tracker and ranking site for all leagues.
PoE Ladder Halfacandan A Unique Item ownership tracker and ranking site for SSF leagues and Private Leagues.

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