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Players often utilize movement skills to nimbly traverse hostile terrains, dodge lethal attacks, and position themselves advantageously in combat. Among these skills, "Dash", "Flame Dash", and "Frostblink" are noteworthy among Blink skills that all share the same cooldown. "Dash" is a swift movement ability that propels the player forward without actual teleportation, making it essential for quick repositioning. However, its direct trajectory means it doesn’t bypass damage zones, potentially exposing players to harm. In contrast, "Flame Dash" offers a short-distance teleportation, allowing players to leap over threats and skip damage areas. It's coupled with a fiery aftermath, dealing burn damage to foes in its wake. Similarly, "Frostblink" is a teleportation skill, but it leaves a chilling trail between the start and end points. This icy path deals cold damage and slows adversaries, making it both an escape tool and a tactical asset. The nuances of these skills cater to different playstyles, offering versatility in combat dynamics. While both "Flame Dash" and "Frostblink" allow evasion through teleportation (and as such damage avoidance), Dash doesn't provide this effect and so for bossing and dodging boss fight mechanics is usually better to use Flame Dash for it's ability to being used 3 times in rapid succession.

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