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The main page for this category is Critical strike.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Added a new "Critical" Gem Tag. This applies to skills which positively affect your Critical Strikes, or provides effects on Critical Strikes.
  • This tag can be found on the following Skill Gems: Ambush, Assassin’s Mark, Battlemage’s Cry, Bladefall, Blade Vortex, Vaal Blade Vortex, Cobra Lash, Destructive Link, Dual Strike, Frost Shield, Ice Spear, Icicle Mine, Lightning Spire Trap, Lightning Trap, Vaal Lightning Trap, Precision, Power Siphon, Vaal Power Siphon, Summon Ice Golem, and Zealotry.
  • The tag can also be found on the following Support Gems: Cast On Critical Strike, Awakened Cast On Critical Strike, Charged Mines, Charged Traps, Controlled Destruction, Awakened Controlled Destruction, Critical Strike Affliction, Increased Critical Damage, Increased Critical Strikes, Inspiration, Nightblade, and Power Charge on Critical.