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Version History
January 1, 2011
July 20, 2011
January 1, 2011

Patch notes

These are the official patch notes for version 0.8.3 released by Grinding Gear Games.[1]


  • Added "Spark" skill
  • Added "Shield Charge" skill
  • Added a "Stun threshold reduction" support gem
  • Improved the Church Dungeon graphically
  • Added spider spawners to the Church Dungeon
  • Added a new series of 11 dexterity thrusting swords. Old Foil/Rapier items will not be usable any more.
  • Improved pack file and patching performance
  • Quest entities such as Rhoa Nests are now shown on the minimap in purple
  • Added /seed command that prints debug information about the current level, to include in bug reports
  • Improved asset preloading so that certain skills and effects do not cause lag the first time they are played
  • Flasks are now filled when a character leaves town
  • Various improvements to effects, animations, environments and sounds
  • Skeletons have some armour to wear now
  • Added rare item prefixes/suffixes for remaining item types
  • Increased variety of Act Two area randomness

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with water that caused it to appear in squares. Artists now have more control over water in each area.
  • Fixed an issue with invisible doodads blocking the player on the server
  • Fixed various annoying problems with the chat window
  • Fixed graphical problems with certain effects playing in the fog
  • Corrected calculation issue with damage reduction
  • Fixed large black cubes in the Tidal Passage
  • Melee skeletons can now do damage
  • Skeleton casters now extinguish their hands when they die
  • Some skeleton casters in Cruel difficulty were set at the wrong difficulty
  • Jeweller's Orb now rerolls an item to a different socket arrangement each time
  • Fixed a display bug with life/mana orb hovers vanishing
  • Fixed item hovers not vanishing if the chat is scrolled while an item is hovered
  • Icons on the waypoint screen are now clickable
  • Fixed a bug where the message-type prefix is removed
  • Fixed a bug that caused space bar to not close NPC windows properly
  • Fixed idle animation of skeleton casters (and made it not play at the wrong time)
  • Fixed spelling mistakes in quests
  • Fixed strange highlight on epic chests
  • Rhoas should now not overshoot you by so much distance if a charge misses
  • Normalised the depth of the Prisoner's Gate topologies so that the fog doesn't get too thick on some


  • Changed how many attributes are granted for each point invested on the passive tree. It's now a lot easier to meet the requirements of off-class items
  • Changed the requirements of all weapons, armour and skill gems to take into account the new attribute equation
  • Refunded all passive skill points!
  • Rebalanced monster difficulty in all four difficulty levels
  • Completely rebalanced monster evasion values - they now evade a lot less
  • Partially rebalanced monster damage reduction and energy shield values
  • Players can now not get stunned if they currently have any remaining energy shield
  • Greatly reduced amount of energy shield on items, to compensate for its new behaviour
  • Reduced starting player life values
  • Added a series of damage+accuracy mods to weapons (can stack with normal damage mods)
  • Reduced frequency of moss monsters (and fake moss monsters)
  • The highest few increased attack speed mods no longer spawn on ranged weapons
  • New players now start with five Scrolls of Wisdom (until we add vendors)
  • Increased chance of off-colour sockets spawning on items, slightly
  • Players cannot re-enter the Upper Prison from the Prisoner's Gate for now
  • Mods on rares are now slightly biased towards the lower half of their ranges. They can still get the same values as magic, just slightly less often.
  • Nerfed movement speed on flask mod
  • Prevented higher Increased Attack Speed mods spawning on ranged weapons
  • Increased chance of having resists spawn on weapons
  • Reduced weapon elemental damage
  • Cold snap now does 15% more damage
  • Goat slams now do 50% more damage
  • Oak's sweep now does 24% more damage
  • Kraityn's Dual Strike does 30% more damage
  • Changed the boss mods that spawn on all unique bosses
  • Nerfed item quantity mods
  • Nerfed effective player level of level 9/10 skill gems
  • Improved accuracy increase support gem
  • Reduced drop rate of augmentation orbs
  • Nerfed resistance mods
  • Made water elementals a little less dangerous
  • Moved more mods to the level 1 pool so that early rares aren't so uber
  • Increased fireball damage by 8%
  • Increased elemental hit damage by 10%
  • Reduced damage dealt by Spawn monsters and increased their life
  • Rebalanced all boss fights
  • Nerfed quantity of energy shield delay mod available
  • Skeleton casters cast 30% slower now
  • Nerfed moss monsters to be weaker
  • Reduced the amount that blood rage hurts you
  • Reduced size of accuracy mods


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