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Walking, running, slithering or crawling. If it moves on Wraeclast, it's almost certainly dangerous.

Monsters are hostile creatures that reside in almost all areas, except for towns and hideouts. Slaying monsters is the primary source of gaining experience and a core aspect of Path of Exile.


Monsters have life and sometimes energy shield, just like player characters. These can be seen by the monster's life bar. Monsters also have armour, evasion and resistances. Their armour and evasion cannot be seen in the interface. The monster life bar interface indicates if a monster has positive or negative resistances to Fire, Cold, Lightning, or Chaos damage, but the exact resistance value will not be visible.

Monsters have a non-zero amount of mana but are not typically constrained by mana usage. Monster skills are used at a set rate (based on attack/cast rate or cooldown) or randomly according to their AI behaviour.

Monster rarity

Monsters come in four rarities like many other systems in Path of Exile:

  • Normal: Most common, and spawn in large packs.
  • Magic: Have one or two monster modifiers. They spawn in smaller packs.
  • Rare: Have up to four monster modifiers. They spawn alone or with a a pack of normal or magic monsters.
  • Unique: Unique monsters have unique names and abilities and are typically tied to a specific location or mechanic. This includes bosses.

Monster rarity affects the monster's life, damage, internal item rarity and item quantity, experience granted on death, and number of flask charges granted on death.

Monsters of higher rarity drop items of higher item level (iLvl):

  • Magic monsters drop items one ilLvl higher than the area level.
  • Rare and Unique monsters drop items two iLvl higher.[1]

Shared stats

The following stats are shared by monsters. Please take note that individual monsters may have different stats.

Base Stats




There are certain categories of monsters that only spawn in specific locations or situations:

Monster types

Monsters in Wraeclast are divided into types which generally have a common appearance, behaviour and abilities.

Type Category Found
Ape Animal Act 2 (outdoors)
Bandit Humanoid Act 2, Act 6, Act 7 (outdoors)
Beast Animal Act 2, Act 7
Blackguard Humanoid Act 2, Act 3, Act 6
Cannibal Humanoid Act 1
Carrion Animal Act 3, Act 8
Chimeral Animal Act 3 (indoors), Act 8 (outdoors)
Construct Construct Act 2, Act 7
Devourer Animal Act 2, Act 7
Experimenter Humanoid Act 3
Goatman Animal Act 1, Act 6 (outdoors)
Goliath Animal Act 3, Act 8
Ghost Humanoid, Undead Act 1, Act 5, Act 6, Act 10
Hellion Animal Act 1 (outdoors)
Maw Animal Act 3 (indoors)
Miscreation Demon Act 3 (indoors)
Necromancer Undead Act 1-3 (indoors), Act 7
Plummeting Ursa Animal Act 2
Rhoa Animal Act 1
Retch Animal Act 1, Act 3 (Outdoors)
Ribbon Construct Act 3, Act 8
Rock elemental Construct Act 2, Act 4, Act 9
Sand Spitter Animal Act 1
Shield Crab Animal Act 1
Siren's Daughter Animal Act 1 (Indoors), Act 6
Skeleton Undead Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, Act 4, Act 5, Act 6, Act 7, Act 9, Act 10
Snake Animal Act 2, Act 7
Spider Animal Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, Act 7
Statue Construct Act 3, Act 5, Act 8, Act 10
Totem Construct Act 2, Act 4, Act 6, Act 7
Undying Humanoid Act 3
Voidbearer Demon Act 3
Watcher Animal Act 1, Act 4, Act 6, Act 9
Water elemental Act 1, Act 3, Act 8
Zombie Undead All acts


Main page: the Bestiary

Beasts are the capturable wildlife of Wraeclast. They can be hunted down with the help of Einhar Frey. The hunting and collecting progress is kept in the Bestiary.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Fixed a bug where various objects (including enemies) could be invisible.
  • Due to a number of changes making it much easier to reliably stun tough enemies, many bosses are now immune to stun while stunned and for a short time after the stun ends.
  • The base distance an enemy is knocked back by knockback effects is now based on the enemy's size. Smaller enemies are knocked farther back than large enemies.
  • The Man-Tracker monster in Hunter Influenced Maps now spread their spit attacks out (rather than all spitting at once). It is now correctly categorised as an attack, and will be mitigated as such.
  • Monsters which deal extra Chaos damage (many of whom are encountered in a Breach) now say so beneath their nameplate. Note that this does not change the balance of these monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where some non-monsters (such as Nemesis mod Lightning Clones) could get Delirium modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the area of effect of Lightning Whip used by several monsters to get way too big.
  • Fixed a number of cases where monster skills could potentially hit players that were not in line of sight.
  • Monsters now have three blood effects depending on the size of the damage relative to their maximum life.
  • Monster descriptions now show their resistances and have been tidied up to only show properties that are special about that monster.
  • Default drop rate per monster is reduced to 16%.
  • Modified the set of monsters that flee due to being ignited so that it is only humanoids, monkeys and Sea Witches.
  • Monsters are now not resistant to elemental damage if the value would fall at less than 15%.
  • Improved synchronisation of monsters in combat.
  • Some monsters (currently Monkeys) now flee when other monsters of that type are slain.
  • Many monster types now flee when set on fire.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause monsters to get out of sync when an action completed early on the client but not the server, or vice versa.
  • Fixed a bug with monsters dropping the wrong quantity of items.
  • Reduced drop rate of equipment such that 18% of monsters drop items rather than 23%. Non-equipment drop rates are unchanged..
  • Irrelevant monster mods won't occur on casters any more.
  • Completely rebalanced monster evasion values - they now evade a lot less.
  • Partially rebalanced monster damage reduction and energy shield values.
  • Moved more mods to the level 1 pool so that early rares aren't so uber.
  • Fixed a problem generating certain types of monsters.
  • Reduced damage dealt by bow-wielding monsters substantially.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in most monster movement speeds being slightly wrong.
  • Inappropriate monster mods should not spawn on the wrong monster types now.
  • 30% additional penalty to ranged monster accuracy.
  • Halved monster energy shield recovery delay time.
  • Made monsters twice as easy in lower difficulties. Harder in higher difficulties.
  • Changed how monsters get accuracy and critical strike rating to be flatter.
  • Rare monsters are now limited to four mods.
  • Magic monsters now drop at least one item.
  • Fixed monster energy shield regeneration.
  • Most monster mods are now substantially more dangerous.
  • Doubled monster energy shields.
  • Added sounds to all monsters that had no sounds.
  • Complete rebalance of monsters.
  • Modified magic/rare monster chances per level.
  • Set up chance of monster packs being magic.
  • Improved monster AI/attack behaviour.
  • Improved various monster animations.
  • Adjusted monster sizes/attack distances/speeds.
  • Dramatically improved rewards for killing rare and magic monsters.