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This page is about the game mechanic. For the league, see Delirium league. For the essence, see Essence of Delirium.
A Mirror of Delirium

Delirium is a zone-wide effect that spawns new enemies and empowers existing ones. This encounter is considered Extra Content and has a baseline 8% chance to appear in any non-unique map area.

Encounter rate

Delirium Mirrors can appear from the Torched Courts in Act 5 onwards at rate >8%. They stop appearing for characters with level 72 and higher for areas with level lower than 65[1].

In maps, Delirium Mirrors have a base 8% chance to appear in a zone.


Delirium Mirror

A Delirium mirror spawns on a map. It reflects the player's character as shown.

Randomly while players are completing the acts or running Maps, a Mirror of Delirium will spawn. They will always spawn within a close distance from the zone entrance.

Once a player passes through it, it spawns a gray mist that spreads outwards throughout the map, beginning the Delirium encounter.


Delirium monsters spawn during an encounter. Reward type is currency (bottom left).

New enemies and hazards can spawn within the mist and existing enemies can receive a Delirium modifier, making them stronger or giving them new attacks. All enemies in the mist are Delirious, giving them increased damage mitigation and damage. The further out you are in the mist, the stronger the effect.

Enemies in the mist can drop Cluster Jewels and Simulacrum SplintersSimulacrum SplinterStack Size: 300Combine 300 Splinters to create a Simulacrum.
Shift click to unstack.
(starting at maps).

As you kill enemies inside the mist, a reward bar on the bottom left will start filling up. Filling the bar will cause you to gain the reward type after the Delirium encounter, and can be filled multiple times. When the first bar reaches level 3, a second reward bar will appear, and at level 5 a third reward bar appears.


Both monster increased damage, and less damage taken escalate the higher the percentage of delirious. Through empirical testing, it was possible to obtain accurate scaling estimates:[2]

Delirious Increased Damage Less Damage Taken
20% ~7% ~19%
40% ~13% ~38%
60% ~18% ~58%
80% ~24% ~77%
100% 30% 96%


The countdown timer displaying when the encounter is about to end.

Delirium encounters only last a short period of time. After a certain period of time, the mist will stop spreading, and start to dissipate outwards in a donut shape. If you step out of the mist for more than 5 seconds, the Delirium encounter will end. Any enemies outside the mist will have their Delirium modifiers removed. The encounter can also be prematurely ended by pressing a button on the bottom right (which can be key bound). Certain actions will pause or extend the time before the mist stops spreading. The mist also stops moving while there are no players in the instance.

The following will pause the mist timer:

The following will extend the mist timer:

Delirious map modifier

Map items can be affected by a special modifier which covers the entire map in mist permanently. The mechanics are similar to the Delirium that can randomly occur in a map, with the following exceptions:

  • There is no Delirium Mirror. Delirium is already running from the moment the map begins.
  • There is no timer. Delirium will remain in effect for the duration of the map.
  • Rewards drop each time the bar is filled, instead of dropping only when the timer expires.

This modifier has five levels of strength, expressed as a percentage -- 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, or 100%. The higher the percentage, the tougher the monsters and the greater the rewards. Enemies at very high Delirious percents are extremely tough, with even normal rarity enemies becoming comparable to high tier map bosses.

Map items can drop with this modifier present at any of the five levels of strength. Delirium orbs can be used on map items. An orb adds 20% delirium to a map item that does not already have the delirious modifier, or increases the map's existing delirium strength by one level (20%).


Icon Reward
Delirium Reward Miscellaneous icon.png Miscellaneous items
Delirium Reward Weapons icon.png Weapons
Delirium Reward Armour icon.png Armour
Delirium Reward Jewellery icon.png Jewellery
Delirium Reward Uniques icon.png Unique items
Delirium Reward Gems icon.png Skill gems
Delirium Reward Currency icon.png Currency
Delirium Reward Divination icon.png Divination cards
Delirium Reward Labyrinth icon.png Labyrinth items
Delirium Reward Fragments icon.png Map fragments
Delirium Reward Maps icon.png Maps
Delirium Reward Talismans icon.png Talismans
Delirium Reward Perandus icon.png Perandus items
Delirium Reward Prophecy icon.png Prophecy items
Delirium Reward Essences icon.png Essences
Delirium Reward Breach icon.png Breach items
Delirium Reward Harbinger icon.png Harbinger items
Delirium Reward Abyss icon.png Abyss items
Delirium Reward Fossils icon.png Fossils
Delirium Reward Scarabs icon.png Scarabs
Delirium Reward Incubators icon.png Incubators
Delirium Reward Blight icon.png Blight items
Delirium Reward Catalysts icon.png Catalysts

Strange Voice

Main page: Strange Voice

Starting from The Torched Courts (Act 5), a voice starts talking to the player whenever you touch a Mirror of Delirium. He has unique lines in Act zones.

List of Delirium modifiers

Name Monster rarity Effect(s)
Banishing Flame Normal/Magic
Cascading Storm Normal/Magic
Crushing Terror Normal/Magic
Diluting Touch Normal/Magic Diluting Touch debuff on hit
Eroding Touch Normal/Magic Eroding Touch debuff on hit
Paralysing Touch Normal/Magic Paralysing Touch debuff on hit
Putrify Dead Normal/Magic
Shatter Dead Normal/Magic
Spatial Distortion Normal/Magic
Spawn Dead Normal/Magic
Vengeful Blast Normal/Magic
Vengeful Bones Normal/Magic
Vengeful Chase Normal/Magic
Vengeful Gang Normal/Magic
Vengeful Grip Normal/Magic
Vengeful Pack Normal/Magic
Vengeful Skyfire Normal/Magic
Vengeful Soul Normal/Magic
Vengeful Stalker Normal/Magic
Wasting Touch Normal/Magic Wasting Touch debuff on hit
Winter Whorl Normal/Magic
Bolt Cross Rare/Unique
Burrowing Blade Rare/Unique
Conflagrating Path Rare/Unique
Crushing Leap Rare/Unique
Frozen Flume Rare/Unique
Glaciator Rare/Unique
Icicle Wreath Rare/Unique
Jagged Swell Rare/Unique
Ring of Fire Rare/Unique
Scatter Storm Rare/Unique
Scorched Earth Rare/Unique
Shockbomb Rare/Unique

Version history

Version Changes
  • The chance for Map Areas to contain a Mirror of Delirium no longer increases by a small amount for each other league, atlas or master mechanic that appears in that area. Instead, Map Areas now have an 8% chance to contain a Mirror of Delirium, with campaign areas from the Torched Courts onwards having a slightly higher chance.
  • Reduced the chance for Map Areas to contain a Delirium Mirror by approximately 20%. The chance to encounter a Zana mission containing a Delirium encounter has also been lowered by the same amount.
  • The Quantity and Rarity bonus applied to monsters from Delirium encounters has been lowered as is now more consistent across Monster rarities. Previously, Monsters of Normal rarity had a disproportionately larger amount of Quantity and Rarity being applied to them compared to Monsters of higher rarities.
  • Delirium has been added to the core game. From the Torched Courts onwards, you'll have approximately a 5% chance to encounter a Mirror of Delirium in each area. Once you reach the Atlas, that chance will increase by a small amount for each other league, atlas or master mechanic that appears in that area. In other words, if your goal is to encounter Mirrors of Delirium then you are encouraged to use your Zana modifiers, master missions, sextants, and whatever else you have available to you.
  • You'll now have a greater chance of finding Cluster Jewels through Delirium encounters, proportional to the number of rewards you earn during that encounter.
  • Active Legion encounters now cause Delirium mist to pause its movement during both the Frozen phase and the Combat phase (previously was just the Frozen phase).
  • Active Blight encounters now cause Delirium mist to pause its movement while you are within a large radius of Blight Portals, rather than the Ichor Pump. This is because Blight Portals can sometimes spawn very far away!
  • Delirium mist now stops moving while all players in the area are engaged in a Blight Encounter, Betrayal Research encounter, Legion Encounter, Breach or Incursion.
  • Activating or completing several time-consuming gameplay elements causes the Delirium mist to stop moving for a set amount of time based on the encounter type. The following conditions cause the Delirium mist to stop moving: an Abyss crack reaching its next location, defeating a Harbinger, defeating a Metamorph, defeating a Red Bestiary beast, defeating an Essence Rare monster, opening a Perandus chest, opening a Strongbox, completing a Blight encounter, completing a Legion encounter and defeating a Betrayal target.
  • When you fulfill the requirements for a reward for the third time in a Delirium encounter, an additional reward type is now added and its requirements automatically fulfilled for the first reward. The new reward is fulfilled in tandem with the initial reward. In addition, when you fulfill the requirements for the initial reward a fifth time, a second reward type is added (again with the requirements automatically fulfilled for the first reward). These rewards are chosen at the exclusion of each other.
  • Reduced the likelihood of receiving Generic, Weapon, Armour and Trinket reward types.
  • Delirium mist now stops moving when no players are in the instance. This should allow players to leave an area to vendor and trade items during a Delirium encounter more freely.
  • Delirium modifiers are now applied on a per-pack basis. This means that a given pack of monsters will only have a single Delirium modifier, rather than potentially having a variety of different modifiers.
  • Reduced the difficulty of Delirium monsters at each mist depth.
  • Significantly reduced the chance of Delirium modifiers appearing on monsters.
  • Introduced to the game.


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