Retch (monster type)

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Retches (also known as Kiweths or Birdmen) are a type of demon monster introduced in Version 1.0.0[citation needed].


Bestiary classification of Retch:


  • Resist Cold
  • Consume Corpses
  • Vomit Corpses


Name Location Special Attributes
Gluttonous Gull The Ledge NA
Avian Retch The Crossroads (Act 2), The Western Forest (Act 2), The Imperial Gardens NA
Uul-Netol's Pet Uul-Netol's Breach
Saqawine Retch Einhar mission


Version history

Version Changes
  • The monster type now known as Kiweth in the Necropolis league's UI, despite the legacy itemized beast from Bestiary league, still called the monster type "Retch") [Undocumented This change was not documented by any official sources. It was discovered through player testing or datamining.]
  • Several beasts with the same names as other beasts but different behaviours have been renamed to make Bestiary collecting less confusing:
  • The tentacled versions of Goatmen, Rhoas, Hellions, Avian Retchs and Cobras are now called "Elder-Blessed" to differentiate them from their un-tentacled forms. The same goes for the rest of the tentacled creatures that come from Elder-Influenced maps.
  • Introduction to the game.