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Path of Exile or Path of Exile 1 (PoE) is an online action RPG, set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. It is developed by New Zealand based independent video game developer, Grinding Gear Games. The game was officially released on 23 October 2013.[1][2]

Path of Exile has an upcoming sequel, Path of Exile 2.


Path of Exile has had several expansions since it was officially released. Below is a list of all expansions in order of the most recent release.

Expansion release date release version
Settlers of Kalguur 2024-07-26 6:00:00 PM 3.25.0
Necropolis 2024-03-29 6:00:00 PM 3.24.0
Affliction 2023-12-08 7:00:00 PM 3.23.0
Trial of the Ancestors 2023-08-18 8:00:00 PM 3.22.0
Crucible 2023-04-07 3.21.0
The Forbidden Sanctum 2022-12-09 3.20.0
Lake of Kalandra 2022-08-19 3.19.0
Sentinel 2022-05-13 8:00:00 PM 3.18.0
Siege of the Atlas 2022-02-04 3.17.0
Scourge 2021-10-22 3.16.0
Expedition 2021-07-23 3.15.0
Ultimatum 2021-04-16 3.14.0
Echoes of the Atlas 2021-01-15 3.13.0
Heist 2020-09-18 3.12.0
Harvest 2020-06-19 3.11.0
Delirium 2020-03-13 3.10.0
Conquerors of the Atlas 2019-12-13 3.9.0
Blight 2019-09-06 3.8.0
Legion 2019-06-07 3.7.0
Synthesis 2019-03-08 3.6.0
Betrayal 2018-12-08 8:00:00 PM 3.5.0
Delve 2018-08-31 3.4.0
War for the Atlas 2017-12-08 8:00:00 PM 3.1.0
The Fall of Oriath 2017-08-04 3.0.0
Atlas of Worlds 2016-09-02 2.4.0
Ascendancy 2016-03-04 2.2.0
The Awakening 2015-07-10 2.0.0
Forsaken Masters 2014-08-20 1.2.0
Sacrifice of the Vaal 2014-03-05 1.1.0

Game clients

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Proposed since August 23, 2023


Link Server(s) Description Languages
International Standalone Dallas, Texas, US[3]
Washington, D.C., US
San Jose, California, US[4]
Toronto, Canada[5]

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
London, UK
Frankfurt, Germany
Milan, Italy
Paris, France
Moscow, Russia

Sao Paulo, Brazil

?, Japan

?, Australia

? South Africa
Path of Exile Standalone Client
Support Windows and MacOS (Mac with M1 chips are run in emulation mode)
International Steam same as International Standalone International Path of Exile Steam Client

Note that Steam implements region-locking. Consider the stand-alone client if the Steam version does not work.

Traditional Chinese[6]
Korean version by Daum South Korea (can interact with international realm) South Korean law-abiding version run by Korean publisher Daum Korean
Hotcool (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau) Taiwan Traditional Chinese Path of Exile Client Traditional Chinese
Tencent China Mainland China Tencent Mainland China Path of Exile Client Simplified Chinese


Link Server(s) Description Languages
Xbox One same as International Standalone
Cannot trade with PC realms
Mostly the same as the standalone with some GUI changes. English
Play Station 4 same as International Standalone
Cannot trade with PC realms
Mostly the same as the standalone with some GUI changes. Launched in March 2019. English

Official websites and socials

Link Description
Path of Exile homepage Official homepage for Path of Exile
Forum Official Path of Exile forums
Trade indexer Trade indexer for PC (including Mac) and consoles
Passive skill tree planner Passive skill tree planner that can be used to simulate builds and link to builds
Twitter @pathofexile on Twitter
Grinding Gear Games homepage Homepage of Grinding Gear Games, the studio developing Path of Exile

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