Version 0.7.1

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Version History
January 1, 2010
October 2, 2010
January 1, 2010

Patch notes

These are the official patch notes for version 0.7.1 released by Grinding Gear Games.[1]


  • Item linking now works in global chat (messages prefixed with a #)
  • Minimap is now saved between areas
  • Added death penalties of 5% and 10% of current level's experience on Cruel and Ruthless difficulties respectively
  • Your flasks now refill when you enter town
  • Made the minimap slightly transparent
  • Skills are greyed out when the player has insufficient mana to use them
  • Added level to the /ladder command
  • The social panel now switches to the messages tab automatically when a party invite is received
  • The number of messages in the Messages tab is also shown in the tab's title
  • The 1-9 keys now set the value of the slider in the Unstack Window
  • Replaced raise zombie animation with a new faster one
  • Implemented knockback
  • Many animation and effect improvements (too many to list)

Bug Fixes

  • Monsters who burn to death should now give correct credit
  • Disabled weapons now don't participate in combat or grant skills
  • Fixed a bug that would cause items to get deleted
  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to fail to change area occasionally
  • Fixed the bow crash
  • Increased spell damage mods now work
  • Disabled corpse consumption of shield crab shells
  • Esc and Shift are no longer bindable keys
  • Fixed monster energy shield regeneration
  • Disabled the /team cheats command. No more surprise PvP!
  • Fixed orb of scouring to clear required level
  • Fixed bugs that allowed items to be picked up from a distance or with right click
  • Fixed large miscalculation in monster life for harder difficulties
  • Fixed exploits with creating and using empty stack items
  • Fixed an item duplication exploit
  • Changed target selection to take into account object size when selecting targets by circle
  • Merveil should always spawn spawns
  • Fixed inline item icon placement in multiline chat messages
  • Fixed item linking to be unspoofable
  • Set Siren minimum attack distance to be more reasonable. They won't run away immediately now
  • Player context menu is now disabled for chat messages when the chatbox is closed
  • A shift-attack that fails due to mana will now fall back to a shift-attack
  • The socket visibility state is now set correctly when items are added to the inventory
  • Fixed Witches holding bows


  • Rebalanced higher difficulties to have less monster damage and more monster life
  • Reduced requirements of most early levels of support gems
  • Most monster mods are now substantially more dangerous
  • Slightly reduced drop rate of magics, increased rate of rares, reduced rate of uniques
  • Made life regeneration higher on items
  • Reduced number of charges flasks use, made them faster and made them heal more
  • Some of the Siren attack is now physical. They'll freeze you for less time
  • Adjusted difficulty of bosses. Harder difficulties won't be quite so impossible.
  • Doubled monster energy shields
  • Increased automatic mana and life gain per level
  • Reduced amounts of elemental damage increase, spell damage and area of effect on mods and passive skills
  • Reduced power and mana usage of added elemental damage support gems
  • Increased mana cost of added area of effect support gem
  • Reduced number of raised zombies per level
  • Rebalanced speed of multiple attack/multiple cast support gems to make them slower and much higher level
  • Slightly increased Fireball mana cost and reduced its damage
  • Slightly increased Ice Nova mana cost and increased its damage. Corrected its range
  • Slightly increased Cold Snap's damage
  • Rebalanced raised zombies to be a lot more powerful
  • Changed Detonate Dead to be 20% monster health in fire damage and then the rest is physical
  • Leap Slam and Ground Slam now check your Accuracy Rating


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