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Cockerel is a monster type. The melee version is called Rooster Fiend (since version 3.2.0) and Talon Demon (which only spawns in the area that surrounded by trap doors in the Daresso's Dream), the bow version is called Rooster Demon and Talon Archer (the latter also spawned in area surrounded by trap doors only, but appeared to be in map that based on Daresso's Dream: Colosseum MapColosseum MapMap Level: 79
Map Tier: 12
Guild Character: ü
Life means as little as a passing
moment of entertainment.
Let them rot.
Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
and Pit MapPit MapMap Level: 77
Map Tier: 10
Guild Character: ×
Blood turns the soil to mud.Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
, and not in Daresso's Dream itself).

The native area of this monster type is the Daresso's Dream. Eyepecker, one of the optional side bosses of the area, is a unique Rooster Demon / Cockerel.

Since the initial versions are known as "Rooster Demon/Talon Demon", while Rooster Fiend also has the similar meaning. It is assumed that it is a kind of demon, instead of Wraeclast's rooster (cockerel) are all behave like these monsters.

In Act 8, Feral Fowl can also be found in The Grain Gate and The Imperial Fields, which is outside the body of the Beast. As the game lack of lore for every monsters, it probably escaped from the Daresso's Dream (and hence the body of the Beast) to "real world" due to the death of the Beast. Or the death of the Beast has caused normal real world Wraeclast rooster started to mutate, or just due to the game developer reused the game assets to create "new" monster.

Blighted Fiend, Blighted Fowl are Blighted version of this monster type.

Drox, the Warlord-influenced map, as well as his boss arena, also spawn his variants of cockerels: War Fowl and Guard Fowl.

In Bestiary, since version 3.5.0 (when Bestiary mechanic is added to the core game), for some reason, only the genera Rooster Fiend, Feral Fowl and Talon Archer are shown as capturable. However, Rooster Demon is actually capturable too.

In the Bestiary UI, Cockerel belongs to Avians group (akin to subfamily of real world biology) of The Sands family. Cockerels can be found in the cage of the same name in the Menagerie Sands area.

List of variants

This list is semi-auto generated by cargo query:

name internal ids skill ids
Blighted Fiend Metadata/Monsters/LeagueBlight/Generic/CockerelBow MeleeAtAnimationSpeed MonsterPuncture
Blighted Fowl Metadata/Monsters/LeagueBlight/Generic/CockerelSlow MeleeAtAnimationSpeed MonsterViperStrike
Blighted Fowl Metadata/Monsters/LeagueBlight/Generic/Cockerel MeleeAtAnimationSpeed MonsterViperStrike
Eyepecker Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelBowBoss MeleeAtAnimationSpeed MonsterIceShotTotemCockerelBoss ExileCausticArrow2
Feral Fowl Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelUnarmed MeleeAtAnimationSpeed
Guard Fowl Metadata/Monsters/AtlasExiles/AdjudicatorInfluenceMonsters/AdjudicatorCockerelBow MeleeWarlordArrow WalkEmergeAtlasInfluenceMonster
Guard Fowl Metadata/Monsters/AtlasExiles/AdjudicatorInfluenceMonsters/AdjudicatorCockerelBowSpectre MeleeWarlordArrow WalkEmergeAtlasInfluenceMonster
Guard Fowl Metadata/Monsters/AtlasExiles/AdjudicatorInfluenceMonsters/AdjudicatorCockerelBowBoss MeleeWarlordArrow WalkEmergeAtlasInfluenceMonster
Rooster Demon Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelBow MeleeAtAnimationSpeed
Rooster Fiend Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/Cockerel MeleeAtAnimationSpeed MonsterViperStrike
Rooster Fiend Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelPitEncounter MeleeAtAnimationSpeed MonsterViperStrike
Rooster Fiend Metadata/Monsters/LeagueSynthesis/CockerelMeleeSpawned WalkEmergeSynthesis MeleeAtAnimationSpeed MonsterViperStrike
Shaped Rooster Demon Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelShaperMinion MeleeAtAnimationSpeed MonsterViperStrike
Shaped Rooster Demon Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelBowShaperMinion MeleeAtAnimationSpeed
Stonebeak, Battle Fowl Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelBowMapBoss MeleeAtAnimationSpeed CockerelCausticArrowMapBoss CockerelMapBossVaalRainOfArrows CockerelMapBossSplitArrow
Stonebeak, Battle Fowl Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelBowMapBossStandalone MeleeAtAnimationSpeed CockerelCausticArrowMapBoss CockerelMapBossVaalRainOfArrows CockerelMapBossSplitArrow
Stonebeak, Battle Fowl Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelBowMapBossElder
Talon Archer Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelBowMaps MeleeAtAnimationSpeed
Talon Archer Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelBowEmerge MeleeAtAnimationSpeed
Talon Archer Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelBowEmergePitEncounter MeleeAtAnimationSpeed
Talon Archer Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelBowEmergeStandalone MeleeAtAnimationSpeed
Talon Demon Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelEmergePitEncounter MeleeAtAnimationSpeed MonsterViperStrike
Talon Demon Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelEmerge MeleeAtAnimationSpeed MonsterViperStrike
Talon Demon Metadata/Monsters/Cockerel/CockerelEmergeStandalone MeleeAtAnimationSpeed MonsterViperStrike
Talon Demon Metadata/Monsters/LeagueSynthesis/CockerelRangedSpawned WalkEmergeSynthesis Melee
War Fowl Metadata/Monsters/AtlasExiles/AdjudicatorInfluenceMonsters/AdjudicatorCockerel_ MeleeAtAnimationSpeed WalkEmergeAtlasInfluenceMonster
War Fowl Metadata/Monsters/AtlasExiles/AdjudicatorInfluenceMonsters/AdjudicatorCockerelSpectre MeleeAtAnimationSpeed WalkEmergeAtlasInfluenceMonster
War Fowl Metadata/Monsters/AtlasExiles/AdjudicatorInfluenceMonsters/AdjudicatorCockerelBoss MeleeAtAnimationSpeed WalkEmergeAtlasInfluenceMonster


Version history

Version Changes
  • Rooster Demons that can Viper StrikeViper StrikeAttack, Duration, Melee, Strike, Chaos
    Level: (1-20)
    Cost: 5 Mana
    Attack Damage: (90-154)% of base
    Effectiveness of Added Damage: (90-154)%
    Hits enemies, converting some of your physical damage to chaos damage and inflicting poison which will be affected by modifiers to skill duration. If dual wielding, will strike with both weapons. Requires a claw, dagger or sword.30% less Attack Speed if Dual Wielding
    Each Weapon Hits separately if Dual Wielding, dealing 20% less Damage
    Base duration is 4.00 seconds
    (5-169) to (7-254) Added Chaos Damage
    60% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage
    60% chance to Poison on Hit

    Additional Effects From 1-20% Quality:
    Base duration is (0.05-1) seconds
    Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
    are now called Rooster Fiends.
  • Introduced to the game.