High Templar Avarius

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High Templar Avarius
High Templar Avarius
High Templar Avarius
Level(s) 43
Location(s) The Chamber of Innocence
Quest(s) Death to Purity
"Avarius" redirects here. For his Act 10 counterpart, see Avarius, Reassembled.
"Innocence, God-Emperor of Eternity" redirects here. For the NPC, see Innocence.

High Templar Avarius is a unique boss located in The Chamber of Innocence in Act 5. Upon defeating him, he transforms into his second form: Innocence, God-Emperor of Eternity.


Around the time that High Templar Dominus went to Wraeclast (and subsequently died by the player character's hand) and before The Beast died (Acts 3 to 4 in-game), Avarius took his place in Oriath as the High Templar[1][2] that commands the Ebony Legion, Blackguards and other subordinates of the Order of the Templar. For some reason Avarius secretly became a vessel of god Innocence.[3]

According to Utula, it is Avarius that commanded the Templars to build The Templar Courts and The Chamber of Innocence. It is not clear whether the Court of Divine Temperance (mentioned in older versions of the Letters of Exile, now inaccessible) and the Templar Courts were the same location. A historical epilogue quest Picking Up the Pieces revealed that the previous High Templar Dominus has an office in The Fallen Courts (an alternative version of The Templar Courts).


Death to Purity


Avarius represents a significant paradigm shift in how boss fights occur in Path of Exile: Unlike most such enemies encountered in Act 1 through Act 4, High Templar Avarius and his subsequent form, Innocence, are capable of inflicting massive amounts of elemental damage through specific attacks and spells. Withstanding said attacks is simply not viable for most characters coursing normally through the game, as even capped resistances will not ensure the player's survival when hit by the boss' most devastating abilities.

Instead, the player should focus on dodging these attacks and spells while dishing out as much damage as possible in order to shorten the fight. Movement skills can greatly help when trying to accomplish this while adequate defences, such as capped resistances combined with high eHP pool, should provide a slight safety net.

Some attacks and spells has clear graphics to indicate the player to dodge them, such as the delayed blast , the Divine Beam that chase you, etc. While the slow moving "bullet hell", the player can hide in any statue.


Innocence, God-Emperor of Eternity

At every phase, Avarius will repeatedly cast basic abilities followed by a Major ability. Avarius will always utter a key phrase just before he uses any of his major abilities.

Initial phase:

Basic abilities:

  • Cleave: A circle appears around Avarius, then he strikes with increased range.
  • Fireball: Avarius casts 3 fireballs. The fireballs appear to converge on a single point.

Major abilities:

  • Divine Slam: Avarius' staff glows, and he casts a wave on the floor that travels to a location. Upon reaching the destination, the wave explodes in a large area. Key Phrase: "Kneel!"
  • Rapid Projectile: Avarius draws a pentacle, channeling energy to release 5 projectiles in a barrage after a short delay. These projectiles always pierce. Key Phrase: "Burn!"
  • Raise Statue: After losing 25% of his life, Avarius will randomly animate the large statues in the arena. The statues attack with a melee sword swing. Key Phrase: '"Rise!"'
  • Minion Spawn: At 50% life, Avarius teleports to the middle of the arena and spawns minions for 24 seconds. During this period, all Statues disappear, and Avarius is invincible. Key Phrase: '"I am the Emperor!"'

Innocence phase:

Basic Abilities:

  • Divine Charge: Avarius dashes to a location, leaving Spark projectiles in his wake. No Key phrase.
  • Divine Charge 2: Avarius dashes to a location and slams the ground in front of him shortly after arriving. No Key phrase.

Major Abilities:

  • Divine Beam: Avarius casts a linear ray at the player that inflicts fire damage over time and a stacking debuff that increases fire damage taken by 10% per stack, similar to Scorching Ray. Key Phrase: "I am the Torch."
  • Divine Call:' Calls down 5 fireballs from above: Key Phrase: '"I am the Storm!".
  • Raise Statue: Same as Avarius. Key Phrase: '"Rise!"'
  • Purging Orb:' Innocence releases a projectile to the floor, after landing it will emit 5 waves of projectiles in a nova. The statues will block any projectiles in their trajectory. Key Phrase: "I am your God."'
  • Minion Spawn 2: Same as the Avarius phase; will occur at 50% and 33% of life. Spawns unique "Prayer Guards" in addition to the regular minions. Key Phrase: '"I am the Emperor!"'
  • Delayed Blast: Innocence casts an expanding circle that detonates once fully expanded. Key Phrase: '"I am the End."'


Map variants

  • Konley, the Unrepentant (Basilica MapBasilica MapMap Level: 73
    Map Tier: 6
    Guild Character: »
    Built so the prayers would echo.
    A resonance no god could hear.
    Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.

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Version history

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