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Version History
January 1, 2011
July 23, 2011
January 1, 2011

Patch notes

These are the official patch notes for version 0.8.1 released by Grinding Gear Games.[1]


  • Added the Rhoa quest in the Mud Flats
  • Added the Medicine Chest quest to the Terraces.
  • Quest rewards added to all Act One quests. Higher difficulties give special items instead of skill gems.
  • Added proper quest text to Act One
  • Added skeleton casters to many areas (ranged elemental foes)
  • Many dungeons now have Epic Chests at the end. These drop a lot more (not necessarily better) items.
  • Changed how rare item names are generated
  • Added new weapon types to decrease the gap between weapons at higher levels. They have borrowed art for now.
  • Partied members in the same area can now be seen on the minimap regardless of distance
  • Flasks are now refilled by more than one charge when bosses are killed
  • Stability improvements to the server backend
  • Improved doodads in the spider grove
  • Some more variety of Act Two areas added
  • Named most of the Act Two monsters
  • Added waypoint to the start of the Flooded Depths
  • Increased variety of moss monsters
  • Updates to sound effects, visual effects and world environments
  • New Rhoa charge animation
  • Improved the flowing water in Act Two town
  • Some quest text now displays in a more readable way
  • Default chat type is now local chat (not party)
  • Improved the size, branchiness and challenge of dungeons in Act Two
  • Rhoas can now charge past the player (with an improved animation)
  • Chat now won't fade away when a linked item is hovered
  • Set max party size to 6
  • Added limit of 24 characters per account

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in most monster movement speeds being slightly wrong
  • Ghost Pirates should now be holding the correct coloured weapons
  • Fixed size of the Massacre Club
  • Fixed some problems and crashes related to linking items
  • Scroll wheel should work in chat now properly
  • Fixed issues where items would be positioned wrong in chat if the window was resized
  • Fixed a bug where skills could get stuck repeating
  • Fixed a bug where item icons would not fade from chat
  • Fixed various leaks and crashes
  • All party actions now display messages
  • Following a party member into their own portal no longer disconnects you
  • Fixed a bug with hover names displaying wrong when entering an area
  • Area transition names now appear at reasonable heights
  • Minimap is now once again underneath item hovers
  • Fixed bug where the minimap moves as you type certain characters
  • Coloured names in chat now fade out properly
  • Chat word wrap problems fixed
  • Inappropriate monster mods should not spawn on the wrong monster types now
  • Volume of many sounds is corrected
  • Fixed a bug in the display of portal names
  • Fixed a crash when the client was closed on the main menu
  • Chat text containing the "@" symbol is now coloured correctly
  • Unique items linked in chat now display properly
  • Realm shutdown messages now appear at the right times
  • The Alpha ladder now displays the correct character classes
  • Made non-interactive NPCs non-interactive
  • Fixed various temporary names and spelling mistakes
  • Fixed a bug that allowed access to the Inca Dungeon before killing two bandit lords
  • Moss monsters will bleed stone now
  • Players are now unable to transition directly back to Merveil's cave when they enter Act Two


  • Improved benefits of armour by 25% to aid Marauders and Duelists
  • Bonuses to attack speed and cast speed are now substantially smaller
  • Dropped item base type selection is now biased towards items at 70% of your character's level
  • All player weapon attacks are 10% faster by default now
  • Nerfed elemental damage on items, support gems, Elemental Hit active skill
  • Improved difficulty of Act Two bandit bosses
  • You can now only gain one charge of each type per action you perform
  • Made monsters even faster in higher difficulties
  • Merciless difficulty is now a lot harder
  • Blood Rage skill is now more dangerous to use
  • All stats gained per active charge are now slightly worse
  • Spell area of effect is slightly harder to obtain now
  • Made progression of Ruthless difficulty shallower. There's more of a gap before Merciless now
  • Whetstones/Armour Shards now improve quality by different amounts depending on the rarity of the item. Normal = 5, Magic = 2, Rare/Unique = 1.
  • Increased overall monster density
  • Granted Mana and Hybrid flasks 10% more recovery
  • Made "Multiple Attack", "Multiple Cast" and "Multiple Projectiles" support gems require more mana
  • Biased currency item drops towards the common ones more
  • Reduced effect of "Reduced Mana Cost" support gem by 20%
  • Added ranged skeletons to the Prison and the Ledge
  • Reduced experience penalty in Merciless difficulty to 15% (from 20%)
  • Made starting difficulty Hillock harder
  • Nerfed some implicit mods on items such as cast speed
  • Decreased Ice Nova damage
  • Increased Fireball damage and mana cost
  • Changed knockback passives to be knockback-on-crit
  • Changed the stun calculation to be probabilistic
  • Reduced default stun duration to 350ms
  • Block rates nerfed substantially
  • Many passive skill changes to balance individual stats (mostly damage going down)
  • 30% additional penalty to ranged monster accuracy
  • Halved monster energy shield recovery delay time
  • Ranged monsters now have more life and do more damage


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