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Apes are a monster type found in Act 2. The smaller apes throw rocks and attack in melee. The larger chieftains have battle-cries with various effects, and a stronger melee attack.


  • Resists Fire


Name Location Special Attributes
Blood Ape The Southern Forest, The Crossroads, The Riverways Resists Fire
Carnage Ape The Old Fields, The Hedge Maze Resists Fire
Barrow Ape The Den, The Imperial Gardens Resists Fire
Stygian Ape The Crossroads, The Riverways Resists Fire
Infested Ape
Dread Primate The Dread Thicket Resists Fire
Farric Ape Einhar missions
Primitive Ape Untainted Paradise Extra Life, Resists Fire


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Version history

Version Changes
  • Modified the set of monsters that flee due to being ignited so that it is only humanoids, monkeys and Sea Witches.
  • Some monsters (currently Monkeys) now flee when other monsters of that type are slain.