Tullina, the Catburglar

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Portrait of Tullina The Catburglar
The Catburglar
Tullina The Catburglar
Area: The Rogue Harbour
Functions: Agility Job
Lockpicking Job
Trap Disarmament Job

Tullina, the Catburglar is a NPC located in the Rogue Harbour. She is a rogue to hire for Agility jobs in a Heist and Grand Heist. To unlock Tullina, run a contract with Tibbs, the Giant.


Tullina grants the following bonuses during heists:

  • 6% chance to find additional Heist Targets from Secret Reward Rooms
  • 4% less raising of Alert Level


Tullina can do the following jobs:

Job Max level Best tool
Agility 5 Silkweave SoleSilkweave SoleThis item can be equipped by: Tullina, the CatburglarRequires 5 in Agility(13-15)% increased Agility speedCan only be equipped to Heist members.
Lockpicking 3 Standard LockpickStandard LockpickThis item can be equipped by: Huck, the Soldier, Karst, the Lockpick, Kurai, the Administrator, Tullina, the CatburglarRequires 3 in Lockpicking(7-9)% increased Lockpicking speedCan only be equipped to Heist members.
Trap disarmament 2 Essential KeyringEssential KeyringThis item can be equipped by: Isla, the Engineer, Tullina, the Catburglar, Vinderi, the DismantlerRequires 2 in Trap Disarmament(4-6)% increased Trap Disarmament speedCan only be equipped to Heist members.

Combat style

Tullina fights enemies with her dagger. Her strikes have a chance to inflict poison and can hit multiple enemies if they are directly in front of her.

Tullina's damage in combat receives the most benefit from rogue's gear that grants increased melee damage, such as Obsidian Sharpening StoneObsidian Sharpening StoneRequires 5 in Any job(26-30)% increased Melee DamageCan only be equipped to Heist members..

Quest contracts

Version history

Version Changes
  • Job Experience granted to Heist participants [Rogues] has been increased across the board to fit the lower frequency at which players will engage in them.
  • Introduced to the game.