Cadiro Perandus

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Portrait of Cadiro Perandus
Cadiro Perandus
Cadiro Perandus
Functions: Vendor, trades Divination Cards

Cadiro Perandus is a Hideout NPC who was available from the Gemling Sage Supporter Pack. Cadiro can fill the same functions as Lilly Roth, allowing you to sell items and trade in divination cards to him. He has various voicelines that trigger when you have certain items in your inventory when selling items to him. Cadiro is a member of the Perandus family.


Cadiro is the uncle of Eternal Emperor Chitus Perandus. As the former Minister of Finance and a member of the richest merchant family of the Eternal Empire since its inception, his financial aid was an indispensable asset to his nephew's ascension to the throne, when he became the first person to pass the Lord's Labyrinth. He is a devout follower of Prospero, the god of riches and the underworld, and the patron god of the Perandus family. Cadiro made a deal with Prospero two hundred years ago, which granted him a greatly extended lifespan in exchange for his continued devotion to Prospero.

Cadiro is mentioned in the following flavour texts: AllelopathyAllelopathy
Satin Gloves
Energy Shield: (56-72)Requires Level 41, 60 IntGrants Level 22 Blight Skill
(100-120)% increased Energy Shield
10% increased Area of Effect
Blight has (20-30)% increased Hinder Duration
You cannot be Hindered
"Nothing is more natural than competition.
One feasts, another starves.
One blossoms, another withers.
And one cannot catch the golden sunlight
without casting a bitter shadow."
- Cadiro Perandus
and Perandus Bank.

According to Cadiro's dialog from the Cinderswallow UrnCinderswallow Urn
Silver Flask
Lasts 6.00 Seconds
Consumes (180-200) of 240 Charges on use
Requires Level 48+90 to Maximum Charges
Recharges 5 Charges when you Consume an Ignited corpse
(175-200)% increased Charges per use
Enemies Ignited by you during Effect take (7-10)% increased Damage
Veiled Suffix
<One of the three modifiers>
A controlled burn is sometimes necessary for new life.Right click to drink. Can only hold charges while in belt. Refills as you kill monsters.

Take this item to Jun Ortoi to have her Unveil it.
, Janus Perandus is Chitus' great-grandson, which would make Cadiro his great-great-granduncle.



As a Duelist:

Ah, I was hoping it was you Prospero was sending me to do business with! He only mentioned a Duelist, not that I would be getting the best of the best, Oriath's greatest showman! I made a fortune dealing in bets on you. Not on your fights, mind you, but on which noblewoman you would bed next, and when you might finally get yourself exiled. Consider me your biggest fan.

As a Marauder:

It's rare that I've done business with a Karui. Your people and mine often had... less than diplomatic encounters. Personally, I believe each man should be free to seek profit on his own merits. I'm happy to set up shop here and support your pursuits.

As a Ranger:

You're the one Prospero sent me to do business with, Ranger? You seem like the last person who might be interested in partaking in civilised trading. Oh well, treasure is treasure. Let's make a deal.

As a Scion:

A woman of noble bearing and talent such as yours, exiled? Simply unthinkable. I am happy to set up shop here and do business with you, my lady. I have a feeling we shall get along famously.

As a Shadow:

It's been many years since I did business with a member of the Brotherhood of Silence. Oh, sore spot? This hideout doesn't exactly look as opulent as those dens of old, so I assume you have had a falling out with your fellows. This place will do, however, as long as our dealings remain profitable.

As a Templar:

This must be a cruel joke on Prospero's part, sending me here to do business with a Templar! It was your kind that visited misery upon my line, and ended the otherwise 'Eternal' Empire. Though I suppose if you've been exiled, you hardly support those who would emulate Malachai... perhaps we can deal with each other cordially after all.

As a Witch:

I don't know what deal you've made with Prospero to get me sent here, Witch, but I'll have you know that your dark powers will not work on me. My prices are not open to haggling or negotiation, no matter your... charms. Ahem.

My name is Cadiro Perandus, Lord of the Coin and the former Minister of Finance. There was a time when I had grown enormously comfortable in my opulence and influence; but alas, my fortunes were snatched away by the cruel hands of fate... stashed away in troves to evade the prying hands of Voll, the Usurper, and scattered hither and thither during that frightful Cataclysm. I have made every attempt to recover the lost caches of the Perandus family, with a substantial degree of success... thankfully, for I must appease the Lord of the Underworld to stay alive.


It has been over two hundred years since I signed a contract with Prospero – a deal which has prolonged my contented existence considerably. He was our household god, and our family paid homage to him in a tokenistic manner. It's one thing to make an offering here and there, or bat tithes in his general direction, but it's quite another to devote oneself utterly to his cause. I cannot imagine a life devoid of a partnership with him. Indeed, it would not exist. And I am all the happier for it... although it does come at a price.

The Perandus Family

Once, the Perandus Family presided over the city of Sarn. Our presence in Sarn began as a handful of merchant stalls. We were an affluent family, and accrued more wealth readily, but little did we know that our influence would one day expand into an Empire... although Chitus did have his sights set on the throne from a very early age. And, dare I say it myself, he could not have ascended to power without my assistance.


I nurtured that little tyke from cradle to the grave. I was closer to him even than his parents were. When he took the throne, I couldn't have been prouder... except, perhaps, for the day when he successfully navigated the Lord's Labyrinth. He was the first person to ever do it, too. And I was indispensable to his success.


It's a shame how the sulphite has addled his brain so irreparably. We have a thing or two in common, given that he resides in the mines, which fall under Prospero's domain. I do wonder if he ever encountered the god himself.


That woman has a lust for gold that matches even my own. A shame about our multi-century age gap. She would have made a worthy Perandus wife.


How do you know the Wandering Ezomyte? That strange man poached a few exotic animals from Perandus estates. Our soldiers never could track him down. Eventually, I just gave up and wrote off the losses. I'm rather astounded to see him still on the hunt...


Poor fool. A rare learned Karui, but still so misguided. There is only one Intrinsic Darkness in the heart of man, exile, and you and I know it well... Greed.


She is an enemy of the Perandus family. I do not care to discuss her.

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