Cavas, Forgotten Spirit

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This article describes historical game content.

Forgotten Spirit
Cavas Forgotten Spirit
Areas: The Coast, Memory Nexus
Functions: Granted access to memories

Cavas, Forgotten NPC was an NPC in the Synthesis league. At first, he assists the player by opening a way into memory zones scattered throughout the world. Eventually, he finds his own memories in the Atlas and remembers his true identity: High Templar Venarius. Afterwards, he becomes an antagonist, while Zana takes over his previous role.



An Exile...? Please, you must help me.

I-... I don't know where I am or how I got here. I don't remember my name... I don't-... I don't remember anything. I suppose for now you can call me... Cavas...

Memory Fragments

Even shattered as I am, I know that memories floating around like this is not... normal. I believe something terrible has happened to me.

What if other men fall victim? What if mothers forget their children? What if... what if the children are left alone and scared to fend for themselves in a world of nightmare... Exile, can you fathom the horror?

Cavas' Past

I remember nothing at all, save the flash of the sun on my mortal skin in a dream. I was a living man. I know I was. Ask me again when we have retrieved further memories, and I shall hopefully have more to tell you.

I was... a good man! I fought for God. I remember saying so. That symbol... the Descry... it stirs my half-remembered blood to think of it. I wanted to do good things. Important things. Can you imagine finding the truth of oneself on the wrong side of morality? I have thought long on this fearful notion... but now I know, exile, and that relieves me. I am no longer afraid to recover more of my memories.

I'm certain now that I was a Templar. Yes, I remember watching their mighty parades through Oriath Square as a child, and I can still feel that sense of satisfaction the day I truly donned the mantle. All of the pain and sacrifice was worth it, to do good, to protect mankind... to protect the children...

I was a Templar, yes, but now I remember that I secretly despised them. I understood that they were a diseased organization prone to brutal oppression. Friend, was I exiled as well? I cannot imagine my resentment would have gone over well with my superiors. Maybe I kept my thoughts to myself and lived a life of quiet desperation, but I feel like I was the kind of man to act.

So what did I do?

Memory Bridges

Exile, there is something about all this that I cannot fathom. The memories I somewhat understand. A man's thoughts, a woman's remembrance, a child's sorrow - these things come from the living, or the once-living. They are real. But the ancient bridges that you cross between memories? Those were already out there. They came from no man, woman, or child of our land.

I suspect those pathways are not made of the iron we think we see. To dwell on their origins or true nature could send one over the brink, I suspect!

The Synthesiser

These are memories, yes, but they are also real in a sense. We feel pain within them. We find real material objects within them. Yet some of these objects are not quite right. It is as though they are stuck, half-remembered.

There's a device in the Nexus that seems attuned to such objects. It seems to draw upon their properties to create something new. Its creator must have been seeking something very important in his or her past... I wonder if they ever found it.

Cavas' Memory

Starting from tier 5 maps, the player can find a special memory fragment of The Templar Laboratory in the past. The following scene occurs:

Dialogue [Expand]

Cavas: "I recognise these men! That's High Templar Venarius with his guards. The other man is Valdo Caeserius. A man of science. They are building something together. Something important."

Venarius attacks Cavas and somewhere in the middle of following dialogues, enemies start to appear and attack the exile.

Cavas: "That can't be right. Venarius was - is - a - good man. He would not lash out like that. No he must have been provoked."

Cavas: "Valdo is shoulting at him, you see? Threatening him. The High Templar has no choice!"

Cavas: "Oh, dear! What just happened? Was that... because of me?

[Zana appears]

Zana: "Apologies for the intrusion, Exile, but when we found my father's memory fragment, I thought we could explore it with Cavas' help... Now I know what a mistake that would have been. Cavas has altered this memory and he has likely been altering many others..

Cavas: "That's ridiculous. I'm innocent. All the memories we've seen clearly prove that."

Zana: "Of course they do. You've made sure of that. You're no stranger to rewriting history... High Templar"

Cavas: "No"

Zana: "Yes"

Venarius: "Was I... Am I...? I am the High Templar... Venarius? It's starting to make sense now. I sought power to wield against the evil..."

Zana: "Stop! Can't you see what you're doing?"

Venarius: "... And I found it. Yes, this is a start. This is more than I possibly could have hoped for when I drew the blade and awoke -- yes, of course! Now I can protect Wraeclast properly."

Zana: " ... protect Wraeclast...?"

Venarius: "Demons, child. Countless. They watch us from the darkness. They claw at the thin veil that keeps our world separated from theirs. A great tide of evil that wishes only to crash down upon us and sweep our civilisation into oblivion. But I will stand against it."

Zana: "Then we're on the same side. The entity that fed on your memories is doing the same thing to my father. Help us stop it!"

Venrarius: "Oh, little one, it is you who will help me... Your memories will show what I need them to show, for the cause. Every thinking man and woman of Wraeclast will come to simply know that they must unite... under me. It is the only way to guarantee a unified defence."

Zana: "We won't let you get away!"

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.

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