Tibbs, the Giant

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Portrait of Tibbs The Giant
The Giant
Tibbs The Giant
Area: The Rogue Harbour
Functions: Brute Force Job
Demolition Job

Tibbs, the Giant is a NPC located in the Rogue Harbour. He is a rogue to hire for Brute Force jobs in a Heist and Grand Heist.


Tibbs (left) along with his ability to open small chest contents after lockdown (right)

Tibbs grants the following bonus during heists:

  • Can unlock 1 Mechanical Chest after Lockdown per Wing


Tibbs can do the following jobs:

Job Max level Best tool
Brute force 5 Steel BracersSteel BracersThis item can be equipped by: Tibbs, the GiantRequires 5 in Brute Force(13-15)% increased Brute Force speedCan only be equipped to Heist members.
Demolition 4 Azurite FlashpowderAzurite FlashpowderThis item can be equipped by: Tibbs, the Giant, Vinderi, the DismantlerRequires 4 in Demolition(10-12)% increased Demolition speedCan only be equipped to Heist members.

Combat style

Tibbs fights enemies with his maul. His strikes can hit multiple enemies if they are directly in front of him. He will occasionally slam the ground creating a shockwave that damages all enemies in an area around the impact.

Tibbs' damage in combat receives the most benefit from rogue's gear that grants increased melee damage, such as Obsidian Sharpening StoneObsidian Sharpening StoneRequires 5 in Any job(26-30)% increased Melee DamageCan only be equipped to Heist members..

Quest contracts

  • Contract: Finding OpalContract: Finding OpalClient: Tibbs
    Heist Target: Census Records
    Area Level: #
    Requires Brute Force (Level 1)
    Requires Tibbs, the Giant
    "Loved her like she was my own daughter.
    I just want to know she's safe."
  • Contract: Opal's JewelsContract: Opal's JewelsClient: Tibbs
    Heist Target: Set Opal Up for Life
    Area Level: #
    Requires Brute Force (Level 2)
    Requires Tibbs, the Giant
    "Damn near everything I've earned.
    Worth every little bit."

Version history

Version Changes
  • Fixed a bug with the Heist NPCs in Grand Heists displaying wrong values in their buff descriptions.
  • Job Experience granted to Heist participants [Rogues] has been increased across the board to fit the lower frequency at which players will engage in them.
  • Introduced to the game.