Dannig, Warrior Skald

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Portrait of Dannig Warrior Skald
Warrior Skald
Dannig Warrior Skald
Area: Any town
Combat area (random)
Functions: Vendor, opens portal with Expedition Logbooks

Dannig, Warrior Skald is a NPC introduced in Expedition league. He is the fourth Expedition league NPC encountered by the player.

When excavating with Dannig, the area may spawn Runic monsters known as Knight of the Sun. The Excavated Chest may contain Burial MedallionBurial MedallionStack Size: 1000These can be brought to Dannig to refresh his vendor inventory., Lesser Sun ArtifactLesser Sun ArtifactStack Size: 50000These can be used to trade with Dannig., Greater Sun ArtifactGreater Sun ArtifactStack Size: 50000These can be used to trade with Dannig., Grand Sun ArtifactGrand Sun ArtifactStack Size: 25000These can be used to trade with Dannig. and Exceptional Sun ArtifactExceptional Sun ArtifactStack Size: 5000These can be used to trade with Dannig.. These currencies can also drop from the league monsters.

As a vendor, he will exchange Sun artifacts for other artifact types of the same tier at a 1:1 ratio. Refreshing his stock with the Buried Medallion will have him offer stacks of artifacts (with better exchange rates), vendor reroll currencies for the other three NPCs, and expedition logbooks.

He can be used to open portals to an expedition area using a logbook. Before opening, you are given a choice between 2-3 areas, with varying Runic monster types and bonus modifiers.



Expedition encounter led by Dannig

Description Text Audio (with variants)
On the exile's approach "Hail!" File:DannigApproachShoutRandom.ogg
On the detonation of explosives "Yes!" File:DannigDetonationRandom.ogg
"Beautiful!" File:DannigDetonation4.ogg
"One step closer." File:DannigDetonation7.ogg
On the placement of risky explosives "Taking on some serious danger I see..." File:DannigBombPlacementRiskRandom.ogg
"Are you sure about that one? Seems risky." DannigBombPlacementRisk4.ogg
On the placement of explosives targeting chests "That one'll bring up some worthy baubles." File:DannigBombPlacementTreasureRandom.ogg
"Ah, it's treasure you're after!" File:DannigBombPlacementTreasure4
On the placement of explosives targeting runic monsters "That'll bring a fight, certainly..." File:DannigBombPlacementDangerRandom.ogg
"Quite a few dormant dangers there..." File:DannigBombPlacementDanger4
On all the explosives being placed "Ready?" File:DannigAllBombsPlacedRandom.ogg
"That's it then." File:DannigAllBombsPlaced4
"Ready when you are." File:DannigAllBombsPlaced7
On detonating the explosives "Detonations incoming!" File:DannigDoingDetonationRandom.ogg
"Squire! Detonate!" File:DannigOrdersSquireDetonateRandom

Vendor window

Description Text Audio
On his inventory being rerolled "Let's see what else I've got..." File:DanningRerollInventoryRandom.ogg
"I can scrounge up a few more options." File:DanningRerollInventory4
"Interested in something else, are you?" File:DanningRerollInventory7

Olroth encounter

Description Text Audio
Olroth's tomb opened "The Triskelion Flame lies beneath! I can feel its power!" File:DannigOlrothFightTombOpened.ogg
Triskelion Flame seen "That's it! We've finally found it!" File:DannigOlrothFightFlameSeen
Olroth awakene "Exile! He stirs!" File:DannigOlrothAwakens
First time Olroth is felled "While he's down, let's take the Flame!" File:DannigOlrothDefeatedFirst
Instructing the exile to damage the Flame "We cannot defeat him directly. Use explosives to damage the Flame!" File:DannigOlrothDamageFlameFirst
Second time Olroth is felled It's still not over! File:DannigOlrothDefeatedSecond
Instructing the exile to damage the Flame after Olroth's second defeat "Use the explosives again! Damage the Triskelion Flame!" File:DannigOlrothDefeatedDamageFlameSecond
Olroth defeated "The Flame has been destroyed... but at least Olroth can finally rest." File:DannigOlrothFightEnd
Olroth's Defeat (dialogue option that appears after Olroth's defeat) "Don't tell the others we destroyed the Flame. They'll lose hope. This quest is about the journey, not the destination." File:Olroth's Defeat

Expedition Logbook dialogue

Description Text Audio
The Omen I It was impossible to decipher the true meaning of the omen, but none could deny that it had happened. The land shook, the night-clouds fled, the people quavered and hid, startrails arced across the sky to set fire to our forests where they fell, and a crimson sun rose on the horizon. Such was the power of the glow, the half moon became full and ruddy. File:The Omen I
The Journey I Something wondrous and terrible had happened, so King Cadigan the Third commissioned an expedition toward that horizon, led by our greatest warriors and carrying the Triskelion Flame for protection. Bound to the Flame by duty, I signed on as Prime Remembrancer. We departed within the month. File:The Journey I
The Journey II The lost journey across unruly and angry seas took nearly two seasons, during which we rarely saw the sky through the clouds of black beset by crimson lightning. We could not drink the rain, nor eat the fish, until the Flame cleansed the water and purified the meat. Even then, the sustenance was hollow. Our supplies were depleted and our men hungry by the time land emerged in the distance. File:The Journey II
Arrival I The first foot set upon this land was crushed by unseen jaws beneath the sand. Omens are rarely so clear. We carved a grisly path across the dunes, driving back creatures of the water, only to find ghastly horrors shambling between the trees. Every step came with a cost in blood. File:Arrival I
Arrival II On the seventh night, the grim clouds finally parted for a time, and our blessed stars emerged. Olroth staked the Triskelion Flame in the center of our fortifications. The barrier rites complete, we gained some small measure of safety. From there, everything stemmed, like a bloom under the embrace of a tree. File:Arrival II
Arrival III As the Knights of the Sun moved further inland, we found the remnants of a tremendous empire to rival that of our homeland. Countless bodies lay charred, but countless others refused to rest. Many were adorned in glittering gems that drew the eye and called to us. Those abominations that still walked often bore the gems within their very limbs. Seeing this, Uhtred declared such crystals unclean. None among us wished to argue. File:The Arrival III
Arrival IV Vast mountains of gold lay throughout the dead empire, often guarded by the most dangerous and most opulently dressed of the undying. Even in their monstrous state, these nobles and priests lurked near the treasures, unwilling to give up that which had meant more to them than their own lives. They had not died in the streets like those attempting to flee. They had locked and barricaded their temples, sealing themselves in their own tombs. File:Arrival IV
Arrival V The nobles of Utzaal had opened their own waterways and purposely drowned themselves, not as a mercy, but to spite would-be looters. This had been an empire ruled by madmen. They were successful in their spite, for we could not drain the deadly waters. Their treasures would remain lost for all time. The other cities, however, proved a slow and steady source of wealth beyond imagination. File:Arrival V
Colonisation I King Cadigan the Third considered this new land and its treasures an open bounty. The craftsmen arrived first, soon followed by ships brimming with merchants and freemen. The women and children naturally followed, and, by the third year, the first village charter was established. All was prosperous so long as the Triskelion Flame burned bright, but there were soon too many of us to remain fully within the grace of its protection. File:Colonisation I
Colonisation II The mercenaries of the Black Scythe, under Vorana, developed strategies for defense and culling that expanded what territory we could protect. Distance was key. Wielding crossbows and remaining behind sturdy walls, her men could savage horrors one at a time, ripping them to shreds until they no longer moved. We had the audacity to believe we could master this forsaken continent through such simple and mundane means. Ten more villages were established that year. File:Colonisation II
Colonisation III Trade began with island-men and mountain-men along distant routes, although we shared no language and could not understand one another. I recorded some of the island-men's songs for future deciphering, and I met survivors of the fallen empire among the mountain-men. File:Colonisation III
Colonisation IV To the last, the scant survivors of the fallen empire bore none of the gems we had seen on the shambling dead. When I drew the shape of a gem in the dirt, a great panic arose, and we were banished from the mountains. Upon hearing of this, King Cadigan the Third officially banned the crystals, and none were procured nor shipped to the homeland. File:Colonisation IV
Darkness Descends I By the time King Cadigan the Fourth came to power in the homeland, we numbered too many villages to fully count. Dissidents, pariahs, religious factions, and lost-men had all come to build new lives in a new land, and had no wish to report to the Knights. It was these outlying enclaves that suffered the first of the new horrors, often in silence, unwilling to admit to outsiders they were facing dangers they could not defeat on their own. File:Darkness Descends I
Darkness Descends II Each man or woman that fell on the fringes became another shambling creature lurking in the night. The curse of the land had not been lifted by the Triskelion Flame, merely held at bay. The deaths of our people strengthened the curse. File:Darkness Descends II
Darkness Descends III Medved's nature-mystics announced that they had found a breath or a vapor that left a man upon his death, visible only when that man died near one of the forbidden gems, and only as the vapor was drawn to it. Medved declared that all men must possess some essence as yet not understood. For this, Uhtred declared him a blasphemer, and was set to banish his order to the fringes. Medved paid a great sum to avert this exile, and the matter was settled. File:Darkness Descends III
Darkness Descends IV In the winter of that year, caravans and runners sent to the fringes no longer returned. Olroth took the Knights of the Sun through the cold forests and hills to seek them. It was found that the men of the fringes had lost a great many of their number, and were beset by horrors never before seen. File:Darkness Descends IV
Darkness Descends V Olroth and his Knights evacuated the fringes and set fire to the forests there. From the southern rivers to the northern sands, a vast line of flame burned. None would speak of the reason for this drastic action. Upon his return, Olroth expanded the influence of the Triskelion Flame, although the starlight barrier would be far weaker over such a vast territory. It was necessary to protect the villages. Olroth the Gallant retreated into seclusion often, and became known as Olroth the Grim. File:Darkness Descends V
Olroth's Journal I What fell spring this is! Upon the dark of the moon, the Empty-Eyed Fiend has taken another of our number. This one was a young woman slated to begin warrior training upon her Second Passage. Many fell to the horrors of this accursed land in the early days, but I believed we had mastered the darkness with our purification rituals.

I was mistaken. Growing unpoisoned food is not the same as securing safety from the nightbreeds. It is as if the very land itself is learning from our victories, twisting creatures in new ways that subvert our defences.
File:Olroth's Journal I
Olroth's Journal II A new war tactic has been crafted by Medved and his nature-mystics, a strategy formerly forbidden by their beliefs. He observed the capability of the horrors here to rapidly grow and change, and he suggested that our mistake lay in the incompleteness of our task.

When we culled all but the hardiest of the twisted Vorniculia, the ones that remained spawned more of their ilk with inherited lethality. To ensure a true victory and protect our burgeoning towns, we must eliminate whole breeds from existence. We must amputate a piece of nature entirely. Anything less only serves to draw ever tighter the vise of doom.
File:Olroth's Journal II
Olroth's Journal III The Vorniculia are slain to the last, and will stain this land with their noxious poisons no more. There are countless other nightbreeds lurking in the shadows of this accursed land, but a small victory is still a victory. The skill of my knights and of Vorana's men was great enough that no lives were lost in the burning of forest and heath. There is no cause for mourning this rare day.

My thoughts turn to my unfinished duty. The Empty-Eyed Fiend is the only one of its kind I have seen. I must ensure it, too, vanishes from this world at the behest of torch and blade.
File:Olroth's Journal III
Olroth's Journal IV Half of the Knights of the Sun lie strewn across the hills and trails of the hunt for the Empty-Eyed Fiend. I scored a direct blow with my sword against its neck, but the wound did not bleed. It is not a living thing. It feasts with its countless arm-teeth not to survive by eating, but to enjoy the screams of its victims. I saw this in the twin voids set in its rotting face. It... smiled at me... as it bit my squire in half.

Mortal flame found no purchase. Mortal weaponry drew no blood. I am driven to consider the forbidden. Medved and his nature-mystics cast aside their primary virtue to make survival here possible, and now I must do the same. The mountain-men warned us against the gems of power, but now I believe there is no choice...
File:Olroth's Journal IV


You're naught but skin and bones, Exile, but you've made it this far. Clearly, you must have some talent. Care to lend your skills to a matter of honour?


She'll never lie to you, Exile. Take that as you will.


He's as loyal a friend as you'll ever find. He would never admit this, but all his scars and injuries are the result of diving in to take a blow for one of us. By all rights, Gwennen should be half-mauled, and I should be missing a leg... but Tujen leapt between. I only feel safe enough to do my job because he's around.


(Available after the player has discovered Dannig in the wild)

Our charismatic leader is a man worthy of his position. He takes the front, the lead. I prefer to support things from a safe distance, and he, great man that he is, lets me do it. I've been on my fair share of quests and campaigns, and they keep trying to arm me and train me for fighting, telling me it was the only way I would find renown... but I aim to be the world's first famous supplymaster. That Rog, they'll say, he brought food and drink and equipment forth so promptly and so consistently, it amazed the warriors on both sides and helped win the day. Dannig tells me that this is a worthy dream to pursue. He's a good friend.


We are of the Kalguur. Ours is an existence spent scrabbling in the muck and mire of mortal life in search of scraps of renown. Some find it on the battlefield. Some find it in service. Others volunteer to sail to the edge of the known world on an impossible quest. The choices we make determine what we are, and what we become echoes into legend.


The runes on our armour essentially capture and shape starlight. Sounds poetic, but don't be fooled. The smiths of the Kalguur turned these runes towards killing work long ago, as soon as they discovered that they could compel arrows to find their mark and blades to bite deeper. The greatest smiths became known as artificers, and produced work of singular genius. There weren't many such relics, but there didn't need to be.


I believe that you believe that these coloured gems give you power, Exile. I've handled one of them, even tried to 'activate it' the way that local Tarkleigh described, but it didn't do a damn thing. Call me a skeptic, but to me, it seems like the power was inside you all along.


(Trigger after Act 5 Innocence / Kitava)

I've never heard of this 'gods' thing before setting foot here, but I know of at least one... man... who would fancy himself a god. Best we not mention Divinity to those back home.

The King

I'll not speak on the matter of that... man.

The Triskelion Flame

The most powerful artifact in our known tales was brought to this continent by the first expedition thousands of years ago. The songs tell of it incinerating evil, purifying tainted fields, and warding off those of ill intent. We could certainly use a relic like that now, in these troubled times... but to find it, we'll have to retrace the steps of those long ago souls. Only they can tell us the Triskelion Flame's unknown fate.

Version history

Version Changes
  • The average stack size of Dannig’s exchange deals for Lesser, Common, and Greater Artifacts has been increased.
  • The minimum discount for Dannig’s exchange deals has been increased.
  • Improved the visibility of new dialogue options available from Dannig after discovering Ancient Kalguuran Text. Dannig will now have an exclamation mark for new translated text dialogue options you have discovered in that instance.
  • Introduced to the game.