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The masters (before 3.17 patch): Zana, Alva, Niko, Jun and Einhar.
This page is about the NPCs. For the divination card, see The Master.
For the legacy master system that retired in version 3.5.0, see Master (Forsaken Masters).

Masters are five special NPCs who are allied with the player and offer special missions inside a map or storyline area (Wraeclast).

Four of them can have a chance to spawn in the acts or maps, while the last one, Commander Kirac (sharing a similar role to former master Zana) can only be found in the epilogue town Karui Shores.

Each master offers unique mechanics and rewards to reap, and can be invited to your hideout to interact with. Additionally, the masters also have a related item known as a memory which provides further lore about each NPC.


Masters must be encountered in the wild before they start appearing in various towns in Wraeclast.

Master Location Overview Rewards
Einhar, Beastmaster Act 2 Hunt beasts with Einhar; player must weaken yellow or red beasts to be captured by Einhar's net Access to the Menagerie, Beastcrafting recipes and components, the Bestiary
Niko, Master of the Depths Act 4 Find caches of Voltaxic Sulphite in the area; Sulphite is used for delves in the Azurite Mine Access to the Mine Encampment, loot from Azurite Mines, including fossils and resonators
Alva, Master Explorer Act 7 Open incursions into the past; open doors and slay architects to improve the rewards in the Temple of Atzoatl Extra monster spawns in areas, loot from the Temple of Atzoatl, chance for special corruptions
Jun, Veiled Master Act 9 Dispatch members of the Immortal Syndicate; interrogate or negotiate with them to find its leader Veiled items and Scarabs, veiled mod crafting recipes, loot & crafting from safehouses
Commander Kirac Epilogue Choose a map and complete the task assigned to it Atlas completion, purchasable special maps and additional Extra Content encounters

Additionally, Sister Cassia and Tane Octavius are sometimes referred to as masters and have their own quests in maps. However, they are not part of the master mission system.


Wild master

Masters can be encountered in most zones, where they will offer a mission. If not spending accumulated master mission from map device, there is a chance a random Master (except Kirac) will spawn in the "wild".

If a master is not added to the zone via the Map Device, the default chance to spawn a "wild" master in a map is 10% (as of version 3.10.0).[1]. This results in roughly 2.5% chance to encounter a specific master. This rate can be manipulated by various Atlas notable passives near the middle of the Atlas passive tree. Masters can also spawn in the wild in acts at an increased rate, with approximately 10% chance to encounter a specific master[2].

Atlas Mission

3.10 Atlas. On the right are counters for accumulated Master missions to be spent

Each day, five additional master missions (1 for each master) will be added to the player's accumulated count[3] after the reset at 0:00am (GMT+0) based on the tier (white (T1-5), yellow (T6-10), red (T11-16)) of the player's highest completed map in that league. The map must be completed prior to reset. Maps from Kirac missions, other player's map devices, and blighted maps count.

By default 35% chance (on average 7% per master) to have additional master mission from completing the map. This rate can be manipulated by various Atlas passives around the Atlas passive tree.

You can consume accumulated Atlas Missions (either by talking to the master directly or on the Map Device) to guarantee a master spawn in your next non-unique map. Your Atlas Mission counters are tracked for each set of map tier colours: white, yellow, and red; which one you receive is the same as the tier colour of the map you received it in. Your accumulated number of Atlas Missions can be viewed in the Atlas of Worlds screen ('G' by default on Windows) or on the Map Device. There is no limit to how many Atlas Missions you can store.[4]


When attempting to maximize the number of master encounters, either generally, or for a specific master:

  • Favourite and run short maps (like City Square Map or Mesa Map) to accumulate master missions. Efficiency increases with Atlas tree notables.
  • Use Awakened Sextants for chance to roll "Area contains Alva/Einhar/Jun/Niko".
  • Use Bestiary or Sulphite Scarabs on maps to force an Einhar or Niko spawn respectively.
  • Run maps without other sources of master missions, to have a 10% chance of triggering a random master.


Holding control and left-clicking on a master acts as shortcut to a master's relevant interface:

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Master Level and Favour systems have been removed entirely.
  • You now have unlimited access to a range of Hideout Decorations through the Decorations Tab in both Personal and Guild Hideouts (excluding purchased Microtransaction Hideout Decorations).
  • You are now able to select an Atlas Mission via the Map Device.
  • The base chance to gain an Atlas Mission upon map completion is now 35% (from 40%).
  • You will now gain 1% chance to gain an Atlas Mission upon map completion per 15 maps with the Awakening Bonus Objective complete.
  • The way daily Atlas Missions are handled has been reworked.
  • Once you have unlocked the Atlas, you will now earn one Atlas Missions for each Master per day. These are not assigned to a specific map, but are assigned to a specific map tier-colour (white, yellow or red). You must log into your account to receive these missions.
  • These missions are accumulated and tracked on the right side of the Atlas panel.
  • More Missions can be earned by completing maps. Each time you complete a map (typically by killing the map boss), you'll have a chance to earn an Atlas Mission. The chance to earn Missions this way has been significantly raised.
  • You'll encounter random Masters in maps less frequently, with this chance moved to the map-completion mechanic.
  • To use accumulated Atlas Missions, simply talk to the associated Master in your Hideout, select the Atlas Mission option, and place the map you wish to do the mission on in the Map Device screen that opens up. You can add a Zana map modifier from this screen if you wish.
  • There's no limit to the number of Atlas Missions that can accumulate, so there's no pressure to run the missions as you get them. Run them at your own pace!
  • Your Atlas Missions are now tracked on the quest tracker as soon as you enter the map.
  • Haku, Elreon, Tora, Catarina, Vagan, Leo and Vorici are no longer Forsaken Masters. In fact, they've disappeared entirely, and we're worried about them.
  • There's a new roster of Masters! Alva, Niko and Einhar have returned and have brought their respective League features with them. They, along with Zana and the Betrayal League's Jun Ortoi, make up the new roster of Masters.
  • Overhauled Mastercrafting: You now have a single Crafting Bench in your Hideout that covers all item types and crafting mods. You now gain new crafting mods from a variety of different sources, including through exploration and helping the new Masters. You can also overwrite previously crafted mods at the cost of an Orb of Scouring.
  • Masters, including Zana, no longer have Reputation levels. Features such as crafting bench options are, as a result, no longer unlocked by grinding master missions, and are instead unlocked by encountering specific locations, situations or completing specific objectives.
  • Hideouts are also no longer unlocked or improved through master grinding. Instead, Helena will help you unlock new hideouts found throughout the campaign and (very rarely) within the Atlas. Newly obtained hideouts are automatically at their maximum size and hold all masters without being upgraded.
  • Completing Master missions still earns you Favour, and Masters now have Favour levels that cap out at level 7. These levels only unlock Hideout decorations, and are account-wide (because favour, decorations and Hideouts are purely cosmetic).
  • Masters now have a different exclamation mark colour. It's orange!
  • The /claim_crafting_benches command has been removed. You can now place crafting benches from previous leagues in your challenge league hideout, but must level the masters up as usual to unlock various crafting functions.
  • Forsaken Masters that point to their objective now also have an arrow on the ground in that direction.
  • Medium-size hideouts can now hold four Forsaken Masters rather than three. Large-size hideouts can now hold seven Forsaken Masters rather than four. Navali and Leo both bypass these limits.
  • Daily master missions will now always generate at a difficulty which will allow the player entry. The level will not change, however. If the player is at too low a level to enter, the difficulty of the daily mission will be lowered.
  • Introduced to the game


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