Karst, the Lockpick

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Portrait of Karst The Lockpick
The Lockpick
Karst The Lockpick
Area: The Rogue Harbour
Functions: Lockpicking Job
Perception Job
Agility Job

Karst, the Lockpick is a NPC located in the Rogue Harbour. He is a rogue to hire for Lockpicking jobs in a Heist and Grand Heist.


Karst grants the following bonus during heists:

  • 15% less raising of Alert Level from opening Reward Chests


Karst can do the following jobs:

Job Max level Best tool
Lockpicking 5 Master LockpickMaster LockpickThis item can be equipped by: Karst, the Lockpick, Kurai, the AdministratorRequires 5 in Lockpicking(13-15)% increased Lockpicking speedCan only be equipped to Heist members.
Perception 3 Fine Sensing CharmFine Sensing CharmThis item can be equipped by: Adiyah, the Wayfinder, Karst, the Lockpick, Nenet, the ScoutRequires 3 in Perception(7-9)% increased Perception speedCan only be equipped to Heist members.
Agility 2 Eelskin SoleEelskin SoleThis item can be equipped by: Karst, the Lockpick, Tullina, the CatburglarRequires 2 in Agility(4-6)% increased Agility speedCan only be equipped to Heist members.

Combat style

Karst fights enemies with throwing knives. When there are multiple enemies around, he will occasionally throw a fan of knives in an attempt to hit more than one target. These knives are considered projectile attacks in terms of game mechanics.

Karst's damage in combat receives the most benefit from rogue's gear that grants increased projectile attack damage, such as Precise ArrowheadPrecise ArrowheadRequires 5 in Any job(26-30)% increased Projectile Attack DamageCan only be equipped to Heist members..

Initial Interactions

First Encounter

  • "'Ello rookie! Found a few markers, did ya? Apparently the Boss sees somethin' in you, but we won't know for sure 'til you're on the wrong side of a lance. I'm Karst, and there's not a lock in this world that I can't open. All you have to do is make sure I live long enough to open 'em. Adiyah'll get us to the job, and I'll show ya the ropes. Don't get tangled in 'em, 'cause it ain't my job to cut you free."

First Heist Mission

  • You have been given a Contract to complete with Karst. Prepare the Contract with Adiyah in the Rogue Harbour to begin your first Heist.

  • "First things first; Client wants us to find an urn. Reckons the mark has it locked up. Thing is, it's pretty suspicious if that's the only thing that goes missing. Not really our problem, but taking heat off the client makes us look good, and we get to keep whatever else we find. Get where I'm going with this?"

Personal Story Questline

Contract: Stolen Lockpicks

Preparation Phase

  • "Got my contract, do ya? Ran with some low-life criminal scum in the back alleys of Oriath in my younger days. Real good blokes. Loyal to the last, or so I thought. Right before I was exiled, they beat me half to death and took off with my finest lock picks. If I'd had 'em when the Law came for me, I probably wouldn't be here, so in a sense, I 'spose I should be thankful, eh? Well I'm not. I want those picks back, and I spent a lot of markers to find out where they went. Now I know, and you're gonna help me get 'em."

Completion Phase

  • "Strange. I thought having these picks back would make me feel whole again, but... Well, it's not your problem, rookie. Not yet."

Contract: Karst's Revenge

Preparation Phase

  • "Been good having my old picks back. Real good. Just not good enough. It's like there's a lock inside me, and not even my beautiful antique picks can open it. But I been thinkin' about it long and hard, and I reckon I know what might. Revenge. One of me old crew recently got out of the game. Livin' a life of luxury now while everyone around him is suffering and strugglin' just to survive. That should've been my life, but he took it from me when he took my picks. I want to send him, and the rest of my old crew, a message. So, rather than take something, we're going to leave something. Something that'll put the fear of Sin into the lot of 'em."

Completion Phase

  • "Bet you're wondering what happens now, eh? Interesting little toxin we left. Slowly fills the air, then the lungs. Never leaves the body. Just keeps building up. First you start feeling light headed. Then you start hearing things, start seeing things. Start getting paranoid. A day or two later, you feel tingly. The tingling turns to pain, and the pain keeps building until your heart just stops beating.\r\n\r\nI'd wash your hands if I was you."

Contract: Credit Where Credit's Due

Preparation Phase

  • "Word of our last job has started gettin' round. Unfortunately, all the credit is goin' to an old rival of ours. That don't sit right with me. It's one thing to steal a man's property, but to steal a man's hard work? No, I ain't gonna let that stand. So we're going to leave a little present at my ol' rival's abode. One of my prized lockpicks, dipped in the very same toxin."

Completion Phase

  • "You know what, rookie? I do believe I feel whole again. It's only a matter of time 'til that old rival of mine suffers the same fate as my traitorous crewmate. With both the bastards dead, and my pick the only common thread, the message is crystal clear: Don't steal from a thief."



  • "Forgot to tell ya, bringing this lug with us on this job." Karst
  • "He's an absolute nutter. Ain't ya Huck?" Karst
  • "Not really? I suppose the Blackguard training did leave me a bit... rough." Huck
  • "Absolute nutter. But useful." Karst

  • "Things go south in there, it's everyone for themselves." Karst
  • "How brave, Karst." Huck


  • "Oi Isla, what was that word again", Karst
  • "Clandestine.", Isla
  • "Yeah. Let's keep it clamdestine, everyone." or "Even better!" Karst

Note: The Above Is Not A Spelling Error. Do Not Attempt To Correct.


  • "Vin, make sure you don't blow any powder near me, yeah?" Karst
  • "Of course. Last time was an anomaly, I swear." Vinderi


  • "No hard feelins, Nenet. Promise." Karst
  • "That you felt compelled to say this does not fill me with confidence." Nenet


  • "Gods I hope this goes smoothly.", Karst
  • "No gods will ensure success. That's up to us." Niles


  • "Stay loose. Think on your toes." Karst
  • "Improvisation! Lovely." Gianna

Additional Dialogue

The Boss

  • "A man of style, the Boss. A thief of course wants to be rich and live a life of luxury, but once you hit a certain point of wealth, I imagine you might be motivated by other things. Apparently, the Boss was living very comfortably indeed, but felt the need to challenge himself. He entered the First Bank of Theopolis in the middle of the day, entered the vault, and just started... movin' stuff around. Octavius family fortunes into the Maxius deposit box, Avarius riches split across every small safe, each of which he popped open as if there weren't even a lock on 'em. Mixing all the money up like it were caught in the tides. Then he goes and finds the records of deposits and withdrawals, and sets 'em on fire. Walks out like nothing happened. Well, of course the bank puts the fire out, but the records are gone. So they notify all the big customers, telling them to come in with their copy of the deposit slips... and wouldn't you know it, they're gone too. No bloody idea how he pulled it off. 'Course, the bank and all the clients will deny it ever happened. Be foolish not to."


  • "I'm Karst. Rather than waste my youth readin', I put that time to better use. Now I can pick just about any lock you're likely to come across."

In Heist Dialogue

  • "We're still breathin, rook, so you ain't done half bad. Take that urn to Faustus, yeah? He'll sort you out."
  • "Back the way we came, rookie!"
  • "Perfe--... Wait, hear that? We've been made. Grab what ya can and head out."
  • "Consider your actions, yeah? We don't want too much attention."
  • "Hear that? We ain't alone. Place is crawling with guards. You're here to make sure they don't kill us both."
  • "I'll pick any locks that get in our way. You keep me alive, yeah?"

Version history

Version Changes
  • Job Experience granted to Heist participants [Rogues] has been increased across the board to fit the lower frequency at which players will engage in them.
  • Introduced to the game.