Contract: Repository

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Contract: RepositoryGive this Contract to Adiyah in the Rogue Harbour to embark on the Heist.
Drop restricted
Drop level: 55
Vendor Offer
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Contract
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Heist/HeistContractReliquary

Contract: Repository is a contract base type.



Image Name & Type Description
Exploding ground
On death effect
  • Certain monsters like the Clockwork Sentry will always trigger the exploding ground effect when they are killed.
  • Clockwork Sentry explosions deal base physical damage, half of which is converted to equal parts fire and lightning.


Image Name Type Image Name Type
Ember Auto-Scout Monster Frost Auto-Scout Monster
Tireless Sentry Monster Rusty Crusher Monster
Clockwork Sentry Monster GDB0-Y Monster
Firebuzz Monster Firespout Totem
Frostspout Totem Oscillotron Rare or Magic Mini Boss
Auto-Enforcer Rare or Magic Mini Boss Ashblessed Warden Rare or Magic Mini Boss
Loyalguard Mk 4 Unique Boss GR8BO-Y Unique Boss


Unique versions

There are currently no unique items for this base item type.

Item acquisition

Contract: Repository has restrictions on where or how it can drop.

Contracts drop from anywhere in the game except during a heist or grand heist. They also drop from Smuggler's Caches.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.