Sister Divinia

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Portrait of Sister Divinia
Sister Divinia
Sister Divinia
Areas: Oriath Docks, The Forbidden Sanctum
Functions: Merchant in the Forbidden Sanctum; sells boons and relics

Sister Divinia is an NPC and vendor introduced in the Sanctum league. She will introduce the player to the Forbidden Sanctum. She can also appear as a merchant while venturing in the Sanctum, offering boons and relics for sale in exchange for Aureus.



This is an absolute disaster! I am Divinia, Adjunct Archivist of the Templar Order. I've returned to Oriath to perform some critical research, but the whole city is in chaos...

The Mortinomicon

The Mortinomicon Exitio Immortalis, as its lengthy name implies, is quite the difficult read. As a layer of extra security, it was written in the ancient language of the newcomers that were instrumental in the founding of our religion. Very few people can speak it, let alone read it. I'm deciphering the language at the same time that I'm translating and researching. It's mentally taxing to the extreme, but I have no choice but to soldier on!


You can see him, too? I thought I was hallucinating. Wait, you're working with him? Do you know who that is? He's the Original Evil! I won't have anything to do with a monster like him!


Do you see that?! God is here! That's him, incarnate! What's he doing with his brother? Has he somehow reconciled with the Original Evil? I'm so very confused right now...


It's all on fire! It's absolute madness! My heart aches for what they've done to my home, but... I have a duty to perform, or else a worse terror than this might descend upon the entire world...


I don't know her very well, but she seems very determined. I hope she survives all this.

The Roths

Have you seen their little black cat? I know Oriath is in chaos, but I can't help but feel my spirits lift when I see how cute and unafraid it is! Everything's going to be alright. I just know it.

Kitava's Defeat

I knew everything would turn out alright! I had faith in you the entire time.

The Newcomers

In all my research—and believe me, I've done more than most—I've still never been able to figure out who the newcomers truly were. They learned our language, but theirs has been mostly lost over thousands of years. It has a completely different grammatical structure, too, so translating it is a slow and difficult task. If only I could find that elusive shrine...

The Forbidden Sanctum


What really excites me is the possibility of finding relics here. I mean, think of the historical and archaeological implications! We might glean true insight into ancient Templar history... a lot can be inferred from their burial practices, their scripture, their artefacts. We might even unearth the truth about why this Sanctum is here at all.

The Altar

I can see the energies shifting around you. The relic worked! Keep an eye out for more of them, especially the oldest ones, original artefacts from the time of the very founding of our religion. The Templars built this place to hide them... among other things.

Archbishop Geofri

I still remember where I was when I read about the fate of Archbishop Geofri. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

Secret Heresies

I couldn't imagine renouncing a path of righteousness. I spent decades rifling through papyrus in the Archives, and being here is like seeing it all come to life.

Fellshrine Ruins

It's strange to think that we're beneath the Fellshrine Ruins themselves; a vital part of Wraeclastian history, where heroism and atrocities took place.

Varakath's Defeat

A woman spoke to you through Varakath? Then that means my most recent attempt at breaking the pact failed once again. Her name is Lycia, and she is the darkness at the heart of this place. If you reach the bottom, you will have to face her. Many exiles have gotten that far, but even if you manage to kill her, it doesn't matter. Just like you and me, she's immortal while she's here. If we are ever to truly defeat her, I must use the Mortinomicon's knowledge to break the black pact that makes death here impossible...

Braom and Uzar's Defeat

Braom and Uzar were Lycia's creations. They, too, will resurrect after a time. While they're down, I'll be able to get past them into the Cathedral. There are certain rituals I want to perform over various relics and lines of power there. I've tried this many times before, but maybe it'll finally succeed... that's what I tell myself every time...

Xenathar's Defeat

With Xenathar temporarily down, we can get into the Necropolis proper. Using what I've learned in the Mortinomicon, I'm going to try to sanctify and purify certain wellsprings of dark energy that can be found within. It's just a matter of finding the correct ritual...


From what I've been able to determine, Lycia made a pact with some dark benefactor from beyond this world. She's been here for centuries, drawing people in and gathering a particular type of energy from unsuspecting explorers. Once she has enough, she'll attempt to bring her benefactor into Wraeclast. I have my suspicions about who, or what, it might be...

Lycia's Deal

You've almost cleared the way to Lycia herself. I'll prepare my incantations and rituals. If you manage to reach her, I'll be attacking the energies of the black pact directly while you fight her. We don't need to find a permanent solution... if I can manage to disable the Sanctum's immortality even for just a few moments, then Lycia's death will be permanent. That's assuming you can actually defeat her, of course.

Lycia's Defeat

I'm sorry, Exile... my latest iteration of rituals didn't work. The Sanctum seems unaffected, and Lycia's presence is still endemic. She'll be back. I'll keep researching. We'll figure this out before she manages to open Wraeclast to invasion... hopefully.

The Scourge

I have only seen mention of the Scourge in the most forbidden texts of my order. The High Templars kept the secret to themselves. There are demons all around us, eternally trying to enter our world. If they manage to manifest themselves here more than temporarily, they will ravage Wraeclast and consume every living thing. Needless to say, we cannot let that happen.


Beidat is one of three Demon Lords of the Scourge. The forbidden texts contain very little information about him outside the collected writings of heretics and the visions of blind seers throughout history, but I do know that he and his ilk are the most 'like us,' in that they think, speak, and can communicate. K'tash and Ghorr, the other two Demon Lords, are far too unlike us to ever be capable of making a deal with someone like Lycia... or us. If it was only Beidat, we might possibly save ourselves by offering Wraeclast as a continent of slaves to serve him, but the other two can never be reasoned with.

K'Tash, The Hate Shepherd

Very little is known about K'tash and its ilk. All I have is a written record from a madwoman who mysteriously disappeared from a Templar jail cell a few years ago. She said the name K'tash, and she ranted about the demons not thinking, because many don't even have heads, and that something else does the thinking for them. I shudder at the prospect of such impossible beings.

Ghorr, The Grasping Maw

They eat. They consume. That is all that they do. They will not show mercy, and they will never relent.

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Forbidden Sanctum has been added to the core game. You'll initially meet Divinia in the Oriath Docks in Act 10, who provides you with access to the Forbidden Sanctum.
  • Increased the radius for triggering Divinia's Act 2 quest in The Forest Encampment.
  • Introduced to the game.