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Navali is an NPC encountered in the Halls of the Dead. She is a vendor. Navali will sell and buy from you Ancestor league-exclusive equipment, field items, and warriors.

Text Dialogue

Well of Passing

Have no fear. The Water of Sight does not slay the living, just nearly so. You may resume your mortal life, such as it is, once you return your spirit to your body.

— Navali, on "Well of Passing"


Your coming was foretold, but are decades early. How odd. I am Navali, once a hatungo for my people, now a revenant in service of the Mother of Death. Here you shall be tested by the greatest warriors that ever lived. You will be weighed and measured on the scales of Fate, and we will determine your true worth.

— Navali, on "Introduction"

Audio Dialogue

When talked to:

  • "Hello again."
  • "I've been waiting..." (many variants)

On "Goodbye":

  • "We will meet again."
  • "See you soon."
  • "Until next time."