Rogue's Marker

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Rogue's MarkerStack Size: 50000Creates a portal to the Rogue Harbour from a Town or Hideout
Used as Currency for services in the Rogue Harbour
Right click on this item while in a Town or Hideout to use it.
Drop level: 48
Item class: Currency Item
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Heist/HeistCoin

Rogue's Marker is a currency item that was introduced in the Heist league. They can be used in a town or hideout to create a portal to the Rogue Harbour. Rogue's Markers are also used to pay for performing Heists and Grand Heists as well as revealing Blueprint details.

Item acquisition

Rogue's Marker can drop anywhere.

Rogue's Marker can be acquired by one of the following ways:

  1. Selling heist target to Faustus, the Fence.
  2. From a Smuggler's Cache which spawn in maps and Act areas randomly.
  3. Drop from monsters in map areas excluding Heist areas.
  4. First completion of Quest contracts and Unique contracts.
  5. Killing a Bounty Target Pack.

Version history

Version Changes
  • We've removed the guaranteed Rogue's Marker drop from Act 6.
  • Kurai, as well as your first Rogue's Markers, can now be found starting in Act 6.
  • Smuggler's Caches now appear less frequently, and Contracts, Blueprints and Rogue's Markers now drop less frequently.
  • All quest contracts now reward you with Rogue's Markers upon completion.
  • The number of Rogue's Markers you get from completing contracts above level 68 has been increased. You'll now get (on average) 20% more markers from Level 83 contracts.

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