The Halls of the Dead

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The Halls of the Dead is an area. This area has a waypoint and an interactable cauldron that transports the player's spirit to an alternate version of the area.

The alternate area contains a Stash, Navali, and the chieftains of Trial of the Ancestors. There is an exit to the bottom right that opens the interface for the Trial of the Ancestors match selection, and also serves as a one way entrance from the Eye of Destiny subarea. The waypoint is disabled in the alternate area.

Kaom and Utula are not initially found in this area until their Wraeclast/Oriath counterparts (King Kaom in Act 4 and Utula, Stone and Steel in Act 5) are defeated in the story.



The Chieftain Portal Effect allows you to interact with the Chieftain NPCs from your hideout.

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