Fenumal Scorpion

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Fenumal Scorpion
Fenumal Scorpion
Fenumal Scorpion
Location(s) Maps during Einhar missions

Fenumal Scorpion is a variant of scorpion and a type of type of Bestiary monster. It always appears as a capturable red beast and rare monster. It can be captured by the player with the help of Einhar.


Item acquisition

Fenumal Scorpion can be found in areas of level 68 and higher in maps.

According to game data, the minimum area level to find Fenumal Scorpion was 70 during the Bestiary league.[1]

The Atlas passive skill The Hunt for Fenumus increases the chance to spawn beasts from the Caverns family.


Classification of Fenumal Scorpion in the Bestiary:

Version history

Version Changes
  • Now part of the new recipe that double corrupts a map. [Undocumented This change was not documented by any official sources. It was discovered through player testing or datamining.]
  • Beastcrafting has been reenabled in the core game, with the recipes completely reworked and simplified. The ingredients of some recipes have changed.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Create a Unique Map" Beastcrafting recipe would fail to generate a Unique Map if the level of the Fenumal Scorpion was 70.
  • Introduced to the game as a mechanic of Bestiary league. Initially for "Unique Map" and "Add Suffix remove Prefix" recipes[1]


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