Craicic Savage Crab

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Craicic Savage Crab
Craicic Savage Crab
Craicic Savage Crab
Location(s) Act areas (from Act 2 onwards) and maps, during Einhar missions

Craicic Savage Crab is a crab type Bestiary monster. It always appears as a capturable red beast and rare monster. It can be captured by the player with the help of Einhar.


Item acquisition

According to game data, the minimum area level to find Craicic Savage Crab was 2 during Bestiary league.[1] It can spawn from Act 2 onwards.

The The Hunt for Craiceann atlas passive skill increases the chance to spawn beasts from the Deep family.


Classification of Craicic Savage Crab in the Bestiary:


The UI icon shows the crab has a parasite on it. However, a normal Savage Crab does not have parasite despite their internal metadata ID shows they have. This is probably due to Infested Crab being base version of this type of monster.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Now also an ingredient of "Modify Mods on an item... Add a Mod to a Rare Map".
  • Beastcrafting has been re-enabled in the core game, with the recipes completely reworked and simplified. The ingredients of some recipes have changed.


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