Craicic Vassal

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Craicic Vassal
Craicic Vassal
Craicic Vassal
Location(s) Map during Einhar mission

Craicic Vassal is a type of beast. It always appears as a red beast and as a rare monster. It can be captured.



The recipe corrupted the item and is not reversible.

The quality can be stacked with crafted mods that grant quality. However, it does not stack with additional quality from Perfect FossilPerfect FossilStack Size: 20Improved QualityPlace in a Resonator to influence item crafting. or the (2X-30)% quality from Hillock, the Blacksmith.

Item acquisition

According to a datamined list, the minimum level of Craicic Vassal was 70 during Bestiary league.[1] i.e. the beast could only be captured in Maps.


In Bestiary, the classification of Craicic Vassal was as follow:

  • Genus: Octopuses
  • Group: Cephalopods
  • Family: The Deep

The creature looks similar to Brine Vassals found in The Brine King's Reef and its map variant.


As a red beast, Craicic Vessel always has 2 beast modifiers, colored in red. The beast also has other random monster modifiers, but does not have any mandatory mod.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Beastcrafting has been reenabled in the core game, with the recipes completely reworked and simplified. The ingredients of some recipes have changed.
  • Craicic Vassal can be found and captured again.
  • Introduced to the game as a mechanic of Bestiary league
  • Originally, the beast is an ingredient of the following recipes: Reroll Both Implicit and Explicit Mods of a Rare Item, Mirrored Copy of a Map[2]


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