Farric Lynx Alpha

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Farric Lynx Alpha
Farric Lynx Alpha
Farric Lynx Alpha
Location(s) Map during Einhar mission
A Farric Lynx Alpha in the Menagerie

Farric Lynx Alpha is a type of beast. It always appears and captures as a red beast and as a rare monster.

There are no fixed mods on this beast. However, the beasts would have 2 beast modifiers, highlighted in red in the modifiers list under their nameplates.



  • The item require to have an open suffix
  • The type of added suffix can be manipulated by metamod such as Cannot roll Attack Modifiers, Cannot roll Caster Modifiers

Item acquisition

According to a datamined list, the minimum level of Farric Lynx Alpha was 70 during Bestiary league.[1] i.e. The beast can only able to capture in Map.


In Bestiary, the classification of Farric Lynx Alpha is as follow:

  • Genus: Lynxes
  • Group: Felines
  • Family: The Wilds

Farric Lynx Alpha is placed in the Lynxes cage of Menagerie Wilds.

Monster stats

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Version history

Version Changes
  • Beastcrafting was enabled in the core game and the recipes were reworked. Specifically, the ingredients of some recipes have changed.
  • Farric Lynx Alphas are able to be found and captured again.


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