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For other uses, see Memory (disambiguation).

Memory is an item class that represents a master's recollection of a time past when they ventured into the Atlas. Those memories can be recreated using the Atlas to embark on a series of progressively challenging encounters through connected maps.


Using this item on a completed Map on the Atlas of Worlds will cause several connected maps to activate a quest chain for the named Master. Up to 5 different memories can be used on the Atlas at one time[1]. Speaking to the NPC will provide a dialogue snippet that does not change, as well as an option to open the marked Map.

This map can be modified with currency, fossils, and Delirium orbs, and can become corrupted. The map does not use the player's Atlas Passive Skill Tree as it is considered opened by an NPC, similar to Kirac Missions. However, it will respect your Atlas' current map tiers (from Voidstones). The map cannot be modified with fragments. Each successive map opened will have modifiers that increase in difficulty, as well as a modifier that scales all explicit map modifier magnitudes.

The pathing of maps chosen when using a Memory follows the following rules:

  • The total number of maps chosen are fixed, dependent on the specific memory suffix.
  • It will always choose connected maps.
  • It will attempt to choose a random connected map of a higher natural tier (based on a 0 Voidstone atlas).
    • If no higher-tier maps are available, it will choose a connected map of a lower tier. It can never repeat a map along a single path (e.g. it cannot go backwards or loop back to a chosen map).
  • Memory paths are not blocked by other memory paths and can overlap.
  • Memory paths can choose maps that have not been completed on your atlas.


Memories can be found in map areas and have a drop level of 81. This means that monsters of any rarity may drop memories in maps that are tier 14 or higher. It always drops as a magic item with only a suffix modifier, and is unmodifiable.

Atlas Memories are considered deterministic drops, and do not scale with player item quantity.

List of memories

Main page: List of memories
Alva's MemoryAlva's MemoryUnmodifiableRight-click on this, then left click on a completed Map on your Atlas to apply this Memory.
Einhar's MemoryEinhar's MemoryUnmodifiableRight-click on this, then left click on a completed Map on your Atlas to apply this Memory.
Kirac's MemoryKirac's MemoryUnmodifiableRight-click on this, then left click on a completed Map on your Atlas to apply this Memory.
Niko's MemoryNiko's MemoryUnmodifiableRight-click on this, then left click on a completed Map on your Atlas to apply this Memory.

List of memory modifiers

NameFor generated item/monster modifiers the minimum item/monster level respectively. Some generation types may not require this condition to be met, however item level restrictions may be raised to 80% of this value.StatsSpawn Weighting
of Chasms1Areas contain additional Abysses
Abysses have already fully opened
Abysses contain monsters from Beyond this realm
memory_line_niko 100
of Cascading Fortunes1Areas contain additional Strongboxes
Strongboxes are found in Sequences
Strongboxes in a Sequence open when the previous Strongbox in the Sequence has unlocked
memory_line_alva 100
of Harvest Beasts1Areas contain Einhar
Areas can contain capturable Harvest Beasts
memory_line_einhar 100
of Demonic Onslaught1Areas are Breached
Areas contain additional Large Breach Hands
Breach Bosses have a chance to drop a Breachstone
memory_line_niko 100
of Grasping Hands1Areas contain many additional Breaches
Breaches open and close faster
memory_line_niko 100
of the Pantheon1Areas contain additional Shrines
Area contains Shrines guarded by Pantheon Monsters
memory_line_kirac 100
of Crystal Prisons1Areas contain additional Essences
Essences contain Rogue Exiles
memory_line_einhar 100
of Survivor's Guilt1Players in Areas take on the form of Harbingers
Items found in Areas are replaced by stacks of Currency Shards
memory_line_kirac 100
of Phaaryl1Areas contain additional Harbinger Portals
Harbinger Portals drop additional Currency Shards when destroyed
memory_line_kirac 100
of the Sacred Grove1Areas contain The Sacred Grove
Crops are larger in size
Crops contain higher tier seeds
memory_line_einhar 100
of Reverse Incursion1Areas contain additional Temporal Incursions
Temporal Incursion Portals have their direction reversed
memory_line_alva 100
of Tormented Souls1Rare and Unique Monsters found in Areas are Possessed and their Minions are Touchedmemory_line_niko 100

List of memory lengths

Master Name Memory Length (Maps)
Alva of Reverse Incursion 4
Alva of Cascading Fortunes 4
Einhar of the Sacred Grove 4
Einhar of Crystal Prisons 5
Einhar of Harvest Beasts 3
Kirac of Survivor's Guilt 4
Kirac of Phaaryl" 4
Kirac of the Pantheon 3
Niko of Chasms 4
Niko of Demonic Onslaught 4
Niko of Grasping Hands 6
Niko of Tormented Souls 3

Version history

Version Changes
  • Logbooks and Atlas Memories now allocate based on the item allocation option selected, rather than always Free for All allocation.
  • Added two new Atlas Memories themed around Domination and Bestiary, which include nine new Beastcrafting recipes.
  • Atlas Memories now drop identified.
  • Introduced Atlas Memories as a new core game mechanic. In maps, you'll very rarely find a Memory item, which represents a set of memories that an NPC has about their past. Each successive map in the sequence gets more difficult and rewarding as the memories intensify.
  1. Error message: Failed to apply item: You already have the maximum number of Memories on your Atlas