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This page is about the game mechanic. For other uses, see Atlas of Worlds (disambiguation).
The Atlas of Worlds fully completed with all Voidstones (3.17)

The Atlas of Worlds is Path of Exile's end-game map system. The Atlas is a series of linked maps that players can progress through after completing a quest for Commander Kirac. It is explored and discovered by running maps within the Map Device at the Karui Shores, a player's hideout, or a guild hideout.

The Atlas of Worlds is a visualization of the dream worlds that are opened by activating maps, indicating how these worlds are linked. The Atlas is comprised of 115 different maps connected to each other by paths.

To "run" a map, the player must normally place a consumable map item in the Map Device. This creates a new instance of that map. The map will contain monsters and treasures and one or more unique bosses. To successfully complete the map, the character(s) must defeat all of the unique bosses on that map.

Maps are divided into three colours based on their tiers:

  • Maps with tiers 1 through 5 are "White".
  • Maps with tiers 6 through 10 are "Yellow".
  • Maps with tiers 11 and higher are "Red".

At first, your access to the maps of the Atlas is very limited. When map items begin dropping in Act 8, they will only be for the four starting maps at the very bottom of the Atlas, the "tier 1" maps. All the other maps on the Atlas with "tier 2" or higher start out locked.

To unlock a map, the player must successfully complete that map at least once by beating the unique boss, either in a specific boss arena or roaming the map, depending on the map. Atlas progress is shared by all of a player's characters in a league. Once a map is unlocked, they can start dropping as loot.

In addition, there is an Atlas passive skill tree with perks that affect drops and improve various League mechanics features, such as Master missions and Extra Content, and Harbinger, etc. Atlas passive skill points can be earned by completing maps' bonus completion or Maven's invitations.

The Atlas has many end-game bosses that players can fight, such as The Searing Exarch, The Eater of Worlds and The Maven which requires completion of the Maven's challenges in The Maven's Crucible. Other bosses like Uber Elder and Sirus, Awakener of Worlds can be fought repeatedly by using a special set of 4 map fragments in the Map Device.

Map Drops

A player fighting Chimera; one of the Shaper's guardians

Map drops are not entirely random; instead, a specific tier is chosen first, and the map type is chosen from a pool of available maps for that tier or connected to the map the character is currently in.[1]

Only unlocked maps -- maps that the player has completed at least once in that league -- can normally drop as random map items. If a character is currently in a map instance, then map items for that map, and for maps directly connected to that map by a path on the Atlas can randomly drop whether they are unlocked or not.

A character can receive map items through means other than random drops. Map items -- even for maps that are still locked in the Atlas -- can be purchased from Kirac or other players. Completing a map through any of these means unlocking the map.

In addition, successfully completing a "legacy map" -- a map item from a previous version of the Atlas -- not only unlocks that map in the current Atlas, but unlocks all maps with a tier that is the same as or lower than the legacy map's tier. This can allow a new Standard league player or a player entering a new league to rapidly unlock maps that would not be accessible through random item drops.


When a map drop's tier is rolled and no maps of that tier currently exist on the atlas, a map isn't dropped but instead adds to a "Map Equity" system that helps higher tier maps to drop.[2][confirmation needed because of 3.10 change]

Each Tier grants a different value of Equity that accumulates.

The values are tripled per tier (powers of 3), so the amount of equity granted by a Tier 1 Map is 1, and thus a Tier 2 map is 3, Tier 3 Map is 9 etc.[3]

Map Equity checks possible map drops in descending order - by first checking if it's high enough to drop a Tier 16, then Tier 15, then Tier 14, so on and so forth.

A Tier 16 Map requires 14,348,907 Equity to drop.

There is equity cap - 143,489,070 Equity (10x Tier 16 maps).[3]

Optional maps

Some maps are considered optional, either because they are special or because they have been removed from the Atlas entirely. Optional maps do not count towards completing the Atlas, and do not affect the various bonuses for doing so.

Special areas like Map fragments and misc map item zones are also considered optional.

Atlas Completion Bonus

You gain completion bonus for each map in the Atlas map completed for the first time under certain conditions:

  • For a white map (a map with tier 1 through 5), you must complete a map with magic rarity.
  • For a yellow map (a map with tier 6 through 10), you must complete a map with rare rarity.
  • For a red map (a map with tier 11 through 16), you must complete a map with rare rarity and have the corrupted modifier.

Each bonus completions grants an Atlas passive skill point.

Pressing Alt while hovering over a map item shows whether the map completion bonus has been completed. This also works when selecting map missions from Commander Kirac.

Favoured Map System

The Favoured Map System allows you to find more of the maps you want to play. Favoured map slots can be unlocked by fulfilling various objectives like completing a Conqueror Map or defeating The Shaper. There are 12 Favoured Map Slots that can be unlocked.

Favoured Map Slots
Slot Condition
1 Complete a Tier 16 Map
2 Defeat an Elder Guardian
3 Defeat a Shaper Guardian
4 Defeat a Conqueror of the Atlas
5 Defeat Sirus, Awakener of Worlds
6 Defeat Venarius in the Cortex
7 Defeat The Shaper
8 Defeat The Elder in The Shaper's Realm
9 Defeat The Maven
10 Defeat The Eater of Worlds
11 Defeat The Searing Exarch
12 Complete Maven's Invitation: The Feared

Each time you Favourite a Map, it gains a 10x multiplier[4] to its drop chance when a Map of that tier drops. You can stack this multiplier on a single Map up to 12 times, giving a Map a 120x multiplier to its drop chance.

This does not increase the amount of Maps that drop but makes it much more likely for your Favourite Map(s) to drop.

For example, if you have 20 T16 Maps completed and a single Map with a 120x multiplier on it, you'll have 19 Maps with a weight of 1, and your Favourite Map will have a weight of 120, making it much more likely to be chosen.

Using the Atlas keystone Singular Focus, the player can choose to only receive favoured maps. Alternatively Shadow Shaping can be used to stop favoured maps from dropping.

Atlas Missions

Once per day, when you log in, you will receive one Atlas mission for each master for the tier relative to the highest map tier you've completed in this League. Free Atlas missions refresh at midnight UTC.

Each time you complete a map, there is a 35% chance to receive an Atlas Mission for a random master. You can use Atlas Missions to guarantee a master to spawn in your next non-unique map. Your Atlas Mission counters are tracked for each set of map tier colours: white, yellow, and red; which one you receive is the same as the tier colour of the map you received it in.

Your accumulated number of Atlas Missions can be seen in the Atlas layout screen. There is no limit to how many Atlas Missions you can store. You can redeem an Atlas mission via the mission buttons in the map device interface or by speaking to a master then running the map from that screen.

Note that as only a single master can appear per map, using a master mission will prevent triggering other sources of master spawning, including the base 10% chance of triggering a random master per map. It is possible to slightly increase encountering a specific master by avoiding atlas missions for the other masters.


The Eater of Worlds, The Searing Exarch, The Maven, and Uber Elder each drop a Voidstone when first defeated. When a Voidstone is slotted into the Atlas, all maps on the Atlas drop with a higher map tier base and grants a +25% chance for dropped maps to be one tier higher.


Sextants are used on Voidstones to add a special modifier to all maps. Sextants last for 3 maps and can stack with other different sextant modifiers.[1]

They can be stored in an itemised form using a Surveyor's CompassSurveyor's CompassStack Size: 10Stores a Sextant Modifier in an itemRight click on this item then left click on a Voidstone to itemise an applied Sextant Modifier.:

  • When applied to a Voidstone that has a Sextant modifier on it, the modifier will be removed from the Voidstone and you will obtain a Charged CompassCharged CompassRight click on this item then left click on a Voidstone to apply the itemised Sextant Modifier to the Voidstone. with the removed sextant modifier.

End of league transfer

When the current league ends the progress on the Atlas of Worlds is transferred to the relevant parent league. The parent league is generally Standard or Hardcore.

The merge has the following rules:[5]

  • Maps or bonus objectives completed transferred to the parent league
  • Sextant mods:
    • They will be moved to the parent league; if the map already has a mod, the parent league mods will be kept
    • Legacy modifiers continue to exist and work as long they have not been overridden

Permanent league catch up mechanics

A catch up mechanics was added to the Atlas since version 2.4.0.[6]

The latest rule is:[7]

  • Running a high-tier map from a Legacy Map Series in Standard with the Bonus Objective and Awakening Bonus Objective prerequisites fulfilled will now auto-complete all maps with a base tier that is lower, including their Bonus Objectives and Awakening Bonus Objectives, if the Awakening Bonus Objective requirement was the same or lower than the completed map.

Since the Atlas shuffled every time at the start of new league and big patch (currently each time the game release the 3.X.0 patch). Using a T16 map (natural tier 16 map) from the legacy map series will unlock the completion of T1-15 maps. If it is a rare corrupted legacy map, it will also unlock all bonus Objective of the T1-15 map.


Version history

Version Changes
  • Map tiers and locations have been shuffled (though the 'pin' locations for maps has not changed). Most maps are now initially found at a different tier.
  • Map tiers and locations have been shuffled (though the 'pin' locations for maps has not changed). Most maps are now initially found at a different tier.
  • Map tiers and locations have been shuffled (though the 'pin' locations for maps has not changed). Most maps are now initially found at a different tier.
  • Atlas of Worlds has been reworked.
  • Once you're exploring the Atlas of Worlds, you may gain the ability to place maps in the Blood Crucible, alongside your equipment. When a Map absorbs enough corruption and transforms, it gains a beneficial and detrimental effect in the same way that a piece of equipment does, but can also gain a modifier that changes the behaviour of Scourge league in that map entirely.
  • The number of regions in The Atlas has been reduced to only four: Haewark Hamlet, Valdo's Rest, Glennach Cairns and Lira Arthain.
  • Each bonus objective you complete now increases the chance for maps to drop one tier higher by 1.5% instead of 1%.
  • Now each 4 (previously 6) awakening bonus objectives you complete increases the effect of Modifiers on Non-Unique Maps by 1%.
  • Added availability to open maps in the new introduced guild hideouts.
  • There are now 118 Maps on the Atlas (previously 164).
  • Conquerors of the Atlas encounters can now be accessed through a map item. When you have a Conqueror's Citadel ready to go, speaking to Zana will open the Map Device interface with a map containing the Conqueror's Citadel already placed in the first slot. Currency can be applied to these maps in the same way as a regular map, and adding fragments or scarabs alongside the map will enhance the map further. Item Quantity will only increase the amount of rewards dropped by the Conqueror by 20% of its total value.
  • Awakening Bonus Objectives no longer provide additional chance to receive an Atlas Mission when completing a Map.
  • Map tiers and locations have been shuffled (though the 'pin' locations for maps has not changed). Most maps are now initially found at a different tier. Unique maps have not moved or changed tiers.
  • Improved the responsiveness of Sirus' storms to phase transitions.
  • Improved the layouts of the Spider Lair MapSpider Lair MapMap Level: 76
    Map Tier: 9
    Guild Character: M
    Panic only hastens the venom's
    passage to the heart.
    Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
    to minimise backtracking.
  • Zana can now send you on a mission to find and activate a Legion Monolith.
  • Fixed a quest state case that could prevent progress on the Atlas.
  • Fixed an erroneous error which said your map tier was too low to produce an Elderslayer encounter when it wasn't.
  • Fixed a bug which, after failing to complete an Atlas Citadel, would retain the influence visual effect on the Atlas but remove the progress bar (the influence should have disappeared as well).
  • Conqueror presence and their influence mechanics are now spawned deterministically, with progress between each influenced map tracked on the Atlas itself. You can see this on the lefthand side of the Atlas panel, connected to the Watchstone inventory.
  • The chance for a Conqueror to occupy an Atlas region is now 50% (from 33%), if the conditions are met.
  • Conquerors will now sometimes grant buffs to map bosses in their region.
  • Improvements have been made to how progress through the Conquerors of the Atlas quests are tracked. It should be significantly easier to see what your next steps are.
  • You can now clearly see which Watchstones have Sextants applied to them when they are in the Watchstone inventory.
  • Added a short Watchstone tutorial which takes you through how to use and store your Watchstones.
  • The Awakening Level of your Atlas is now the number of Watchstones you have socketed, divided by 4, and rounded down. In other words, you will now gain Awakening Levels gradually, rather than only when you fill a Watchstone Altar.
  • If you fail to defeat a Conqueror, you will no longer get additional monster packs or Influenced items from their Influenced region until you do defeat them.
  • Improved the visibility of active Conqueror Citadels on your Atlas.
  • Bonuses for completing Atlas Bonus Objectives and Awakening Bonus Objectives have changed:
    • You will no longer gain additional chance for maps to drop one tier higher from Awakening Bonus Objectives.
    • The base chance to gain an Atlas Mission upon map completion is now 35% (from 40%).
    • You will now gain 1% chance to gain an Atlas Mission upon map completion per 15 maps with the Awakening Bonus Objective complete.
    • You will now gain 1% increased Map Mod Effect per 6 maps with the Awakening Bonus Objective complete.
  • Running a high-tier map from a Legacy Map Series in Standard with the Bonus Objective and Awakening Bonus Objective prerequisites fulfilled will now auto-complete all maps with a base tier that is lower, including their Bonus Objectives and Awakening Bonus Objectives, if the Awakening Bonus Objective requirement was the same or lower than the completed map.
  • You can now spawn Atlas influence in a Region that had already spawned that same influence in the previous 'cycle'.
  • Added a notification when completing an Awakening Objective.
  • Added an information hover to the Atlas Inventory.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented additional Conquerors of the Atlas from spawning if you had migrated your Atlas from SSF while you had a Sirus encounter ready to open.
  • Fixed a bug where Maps that had already spawned Influence for a specific Conqueror had a lower chance to spawn Influence again than intended.
  • You can now run the same Map multiple times to encounter the Conquerors of the Atlas. After the first encounter it will have a 33% chance to occur again in the same Map. Running different maps will still cause it to be deterministic. Once you have encountered the final boss all are once again chance-based.
  • When hunting the Conquerors of the Atlas it will now always (instead of being chance-based) spawn them in Maps of that Region as long as you are running different Maps within that Region. This means you are now required to run three different Maps within a Region they are inhabiting, instead of an average of ten Maps (33% chance). Once you have defeated the final Conqueror it returns to chance-based spawning as you now have the highest tiers of maps unlocked. We will be making more changes to this which will allow you to repeatedly run the same map (instead of forcing different ones) later.
  • Atlas of Worlds has been reworked.
  • The Atlas of Worlds has been shuffled. Most maps have changed tier and location within the Atlas.
    • From this point on, the Atlas layout will be changed at the start of every new league.
  • Added a new Atlas of Worlds feature: Shaper's Strongholds. These will appear once you have met the Shaper. They have multiple Shaper Influence mods active. Bosses of these maps can drop extra sextants, cartographer's chisels, Shaper-influenced items, and unique items.
  • Once you have completed 20 maps while the Elder and its guardians are on your atlas without actually defeating any of them, there is a chance for the Elder and its guardians to disappear and remove the Elder-influence from the maps they were on. This will make it difficult to maintain an "Elder Ring", but will also allow players who weren't capable of defeating the Elder or its guardians to clear them from their atlas.
  • Shaper memory fragments XI through to XV no longer require you to defeat the Elder or its guardians in specific map tiers. Instead, defeating each guardian and the elder within ANY red-tier map will get you one of these fragments.
  • You can no longer get Shaper memory fragments XI through to XV from a map if you are not the map's owner.
  • Introducing the War for the Atlas expansion.
  • If you complete a map that was created before the expansion, it will complete a chain of maps from the start pointing on the Atlas up until the tier of map you completed. Shaped and Elder items do not drop on these maps. Elder Guardians also cannot spawn from them. Shaper and Elder areas will not be influenced on the Atlas.
  • Introduced to the game. Non-unique maps pre-Atlas of Worlds do not count towards Atlas completion, even for maps where the map type and tier are identical to the current version. Older versions of unique maps will count towards Atlas completion, including the bonus objective, but the Shaper's Orb does not drop in old versions (affecting Oba's Cursed TroveOba's Cursed Trove
    Underground Sea Map
    Map Level: 77
    Map Tier: 10
    Item Quantity: +40%
    Area has patches of desecrated ground
    20 patches with Ground Effect per 100 tiles (Hidden)
    Ground Effect has a radius of 10 (Hidden)
    (40-50)% more Monster Life
    (30-40)% increased Monster Damage
    Area becomes fatal after some time
    "Here the soil is more deadly than any swing of the axe."
    - Oba of the Karui, Conqueror of Corruption.
    Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
    , Poorjoy's AsylumPoorjoy's Asylum
    Temple Map
    Map Level: 81
    Map Tier: 14
    Guild Character: ß
    Item Quantity: +100%
    Item Rarity: +250%
    150% increased Experience gain
    (140-160)% more Monster Life
    (140-160)% increased Monster Damage
    25% increased Monster Movement Speed
    25% increased Monster Attack Speed
    25% increased Monster Cast Speed
    Area is a large Maze
    Unique Boss drops (10-15) additional Rare <Item Class>
    Laughs of all the twisted
    Echo through these halls of gold.
    In this cold forgotten void
    They wander, forever uncontrolled.
    Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
    , Death and TaxesDeath and Taxes
    Necropolis Map
    Map Level: 79
    Map Tier: 12
    Guild Character: ¿
    Item Quantity: +150%
    Unique Boss deals (30-35)% increased Damage
    Unique Boss has (25-30)% increased Attack and Cast Speed
    Unique Boss gives 20000% increased Experience
    Unique Boss drops (12-20) additional Currency Items
    So the raiders danced,
    leading their foe ever west,
    towards certain death.
    Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
    and The Vinktar SquareThe Vinktar Square
    Courtyard Map
    Map Level: 72
    Map Tier: 5
    Guild Character: ²
    Item Quantity: +(100-150)%
    Item Rarity: +(100-150)%
    Monster Pack Size: +(30-50)%
    20% more Monster Life
    (30-50)% increased Pack size
    Monsters are Unaffected by Shock
    20% increased Monster Damage
    +35% Monster Lightning Resistance
    Monsters deal 35% extra Physical Damage as Lightning
    To the east,
    it cannot be seen.
    To the west,
    it cannot be touched.
    To the south,
    it cannot be remembered.
    And to the north,
    it cannot be contained.
    Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.

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