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Extra Content is a keyword that represents content and league mechanics from previous challenge leagues that can be encountered randomly in Maps, a few of which are also encounterable in the Acts.

By default, most sources of Extra Content appear at a base chance of 8% in maps. Older mechanics may have different spawn chance calculations which have never been officially published in patch notes. This chance can be increased by various Notables and small passives on the Atlas Passive Skill Tree, or reduced to 0% through various Notables. Things that modify the rate of Extra Content do not prevent it from being spawned via guaranteed encounters e.g. Scarabs.

The Stream of Consciousness Keystone multiplies the base chance by 1.5x. In the case of mechanics with a 8% base chance, this is the same as +4% additional chance to encounter that mechanic. Note that this keystone does not affect sources of Your Maps have +#% chance to contain <league mechanic> or Your Maps have +2% chance to contain other Extra Content from the Atlas tree.

Currently, Extra Content includes the following:

Extra content spawn chance
Mechanic League Base spawn chance
Abysses Abyss league 8%
Breaches Breach league 8%
Blights Blight league 8%
Expedition Encounters Expedition league 8%
Legion Encounters Legion league 8%
Metamorph Encounters Metamorph league 8%
Mirrors of Delirium Delirium league 8%
Monsters Imprisoned by Essences Essence league Unknown
Ritual Altars Ritual league 8%
Rogue exiles Anarchy league Unknown
The Sacred Grove Harvest league Unknown
Shrines Domination league Unknown
Smuggler's Caches Heist league Unknown
Strongboxes Ambush league 24% [a][1]
Tormented Spirits Torment league Unknown

Note that content from Masters (Bestiary, Delve, Incursion, Betrayal) and other previous league mechanics (e.g. Beyond, Invasion, Rampage, Talisman, Harbinger, Warbands, Synthesis unique maps, Ultimatum's boss) are not considered Extra Content. Other former league mechanics that were part of the core game but were subsequently removed (e.g. Prophecy, Nemesis, Bloodlines, Archnemesis, and Perandus) are not considered "Extra Content" as well.

Version history

Version Changes
  • The chance for Map Areas to contain a Mirror of Delirium no longer increases by a small amount for each other league, atlas or master mechanic that appears in that area. Instead, Map Areas now have an 8% chance to contain a Mirror of Delirium, with campaign areas from the Torched Courts onwards having a slightly higher chance.
  • Added a new Atlas Keystone Passive Skill, Stream of Consciousness, which grants "Your Maps cannot be modified by Fragments" and "Your Maps have 50% more Base chance to contain Extra Content".
  • "Extra Content" as a keyword is introduced (see: Stream of Consciousness)
  • Reduced the chance for Map Areas to contain Abyss, Ambush, Blight, Breach, Domination, Essence, Heist, Legion, Metamorph and Torment encounters by 20%. The chance to encounter a Zana mission containing any of these mechanics has also been lowered by the same amount.
  • Reduced the chance for Map Areas to contain a Delirium Mirror by approximately 20%. The chance to encounter a Zana mission containing a Delirium encounter has also been lowered by the same amount.
  • rogue exile became the first league mechanic that incorporated into the core game.[2]


  1. Datamined metadata for strongbox spawn chance was decreased from 30 to 24 in version 3.14.0, corresponding to the 20% reduction in encounter rate from the patch notes.[1] This data is no longer dataminable as of version 3.16.0.