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This article describes historical game content.

After the end of Scourge league, the Scourge mechanic is not yet added to the core game.

Blood CrucibleThe gateway of flesh, horror unbound,
requires a key of madness and pain.
Not in game
Drop level: 1
Item class: Quest Item
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/QuestItems/Hellscape/BloodCrucible

Blood Crucible is a quest item for Scourge league's A Glimpse Beyond as well as Thirst for Blood. It was used to create Scourged items.


After inserting the item into the player character (by clicking the UI), the item added another slot in the player's inventory. (Default key bind to open the slot in PC: '). Player can insert a rare item (unique if allocated Blood Crucible's skill Alternate History) into the slot, corrupted or not, and the Blood Crucible acts like an incubator that after certain Scourge monster kills in the Nightmare realm, adding one beneficial Scourge implicit and one detrimental implicit modifiers into the item by default. The tiers of these implicit can be affected by Anomalous Aura and Stabilising Energy skills of the Crucible, so that when the item is transformed, the beneficial implicit have a chance to be one tier higher for using Anomalous Aura or the detrimental implicit is one tier lower for using Stabilising Energy.

Upon entering map, the player would received another quest item Dream FurnaceDream FurnaceThe minds of men are but motes
on a sea of infinite madness.
by entering nightmare realm from map for the first time, which adds another slot into the Blood Crucible UI to Scourge maps. Some Blood Crucible skill are in fact affecting map via the Dream Furnace slot.

Scourged items

Scourged items are a type of corrupted item that has two special Scourge implicit mods, one positive and one negative. Scourge implicits have their own modifier slots and do not overwrite the item's implicit mods. Once an item in the Blood Crucible has collected enough Corruption, you can Scourge it to give it Scourge mods. An item can be Scourged multiple times, resulting in a new set of higher tier Scourge mods showing up. The item would have a tag "Scourged (Tier #)" on the bottom on the item description to show the item has been transformed how many times.

Equipment can be Scourged up to three times, and maps up to 10 times. The number of times an item can be Scourged depends on the item level. Equipment must have a minimum item level of 45 for Tier 2 Scourge mods and 68 for Tier 3 Scourge mods.

Note that item that shown "Scourged (Tier 1)" or "Scourged (Tier 2)" can be dropped from Scourge monsters. Those item cannot be transformed 3 times despite the Scourge implicit is not added by the player using Blood Crucible.


The Blood Crucible gains levels as it absorbs Corruption, gaining a Skill point. This can be allocated into a passive skill to improve the Blood Crucible. Most skills can be leveled multiple times; the scaling is linear.

Players can gain up to 63 skill points to allocate all the skills. A threshold of skill points must be spent on top in order to unlock the bottom row of the skill.

Blood Crucible's skills
Req. Skills (Effect/lvl)
0 Chaotic Adornment (5)

Jewellery absorbs 5% more Corruption

Twisted Metal (5)

Armour Items absorb 5% more Corruption

Murderous Desecration (5)

Weapons absorb 5% more Corruption
Quivers absorb 5% more Corruption

10 Alternate History (1)

The Blood Crucible can transform Unique Equipment

Trypophobia (5)

3% chance for transforming to add a Socket

Stitched Wounds (5)

3% chance for transforming to add a Link to the largest group of Linked Sockets

20 Golden Blood (5)

4% chance for transforming to add an Explicit Modifier to Magic or Rare Equipment

Anomalous Aura (5)

2% chance for transforming to grant Beneficial Modifiers one tier higher on Equipment

Stabilising Energy (5)

2% chance for transforming to grant Detrimental Modifiers one tier lower on Equipment

30 Cursed Organs (1)

+1 Crucible Slot

Warped Sluice (5)

While in a Scourged Map, Items absorb 1% more Corruption for each time the Map has been transformed

Fervent Dreams (5)

Maps absorb 5% more Corruption

40 Restless Nightmares (1)

+1 Dream Furnace slot

Strange Forces (5)

2% chance for transforming to raise the tier of an Explicit Modifier on Equipment

Intensifying Emulsion (5)

1% chance for transforming to grant an additional Beneficial Modifier


Related items

  • Dream FurnaceDream FurnaceThe minds of men are but motes
    on a sea of infinite madness.
  • Viscera CauldronViscera CauldronFlesh can be as clay to the properly motivated artist.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Removed from the game
  • Scourged items are no longer be able to generate downsides that would directly counteract their upside. For example, an item with "Added Physical Damage" will not be able to generate "Deal no Physical Damage" as a downside.
  • The description of the Scourged Map modifier that shifts into Nightmare on killing a Rare or Unique Enemy has been updated to more accurately reflect its functionality. The amount of Blood obtained from killing enemies in Maps with this modifier has also been increased.
  • The Scourged Map modifier that causes you to shift into Nightmare on reaching maximum Blood now has a slight drain of Blood over time, though the amount of Blood lost on Killing a Scourge Monster has been reduced to 0.4% (previously 0.5%). It also now causes you to lose all Blood when you shift out of Nightmare.
  • Scourged Maps that shift into Nightmare on reaching maximum Blood can no longer teleport you into an Incursion upon shifting out of Nightmare.
  • The Exposed to Corruption debuff now provides 2% more Quantity and Rarity of Items found from Scourge Monsters (previously 1% more), and is no longer affected by the standard Item Quantity and Rarity diminishing returns for players.
  • The required amount of Corruption Absorbed to transform a Map has been reduced for all Tiers.
  • Upon encountering a Boss in Nightmare, the drain of blood from the Crucible is now paused for 5 seconds.
  • The Corruption Absorbed progress bar now displays underneath items stored in the Blood Crucible, without you having to hover over them.
  • Introduced to the game.