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Leagues in Path of Exile represent the game worlds that characters exist within. A single character can only belong to one league at any time, and can't interact with characters outside that league.

Permanent leagues

These four leagues exist permanently:

  • Standard is the default league and has no modifiers.
  • Hardcore has the hardcore modifier, meaning characters who die are moved to Standard. Hardcore is equivalent to permadeath in other RPGs, though characters and items are not automatically deleted.

In addition to standard and hardcore, a Solo Self-Found variant for each exists. In these leagues, player's can't trade or party with other players and have to rely solely on the items they find themselves.

  • SSF Standard is the default league with the SSF flag
  • SSF Hardcore has the hardcore and SSF flags

Characters used in certain races (notably Descent, Descent: Champions and Endless Ledge races) are afterwards sent to a Void League instead of being deleted. Players can't access these characters or their inventories; void characters can only be deleted or kept as a sort of trophy.

Temporary leagues

Temporary leagues have a set duration, which can vary from 12 minutes to four months. They are usually defined by specific modifiers or features that the permanent leagues don't have. When a league ends, the characters are not lost but transferred to one of the permanent leagues.

Challenge leagues

A visualization of how challenge leagues interact with permanent leagues.

Periodically, two new leagues are created and the previous two challenge leagues are removed. These leagues are intended to introduce and test new content while providing players with a fresh economy.[1] Challenge leagues are currently released on a 13 week cycle. In addition, each pair of leagues has a set of optional challenges that can be completed for a prize.

When a challenge league ends, all characters and their stash will be sent to their respective parent league (either Standard league or Hardcore League). Map progress will be transferred, along with Shaped maps and Sextants.

List of challenge leagues

The challenge league currently running is the Kalandra league.

Expansion release date end date release version
Kalandra league 2022-08-19 8:00:00 PM 3.19.0
Sentinel league 2022-05-13 8:00:00 PM 2022-08-16 10:00:00 PM 3.18.0
Archnemesis league 2022-02-04 8:00:00 PM 2022-05-10 10:00:00 PM 3.17.0
Scourge league 2021-10-22 7:00:00 PM 2022-02-01 9:00:00 PM 3.16.0
Expedition league 2021-07-23 8:00:00 PM 2021-10-18 9:00:00 PM 3.15.0
Ultimatum league 2021-04-16 8:00:00 PM 2021-07-19 10:00:00 PM 3.14.0
Ritual league 2021-01-15 8:00:00 PM 2021-04-12 9:00:00 PM 3.13.0
Heist league 2020-09-18 8:00:00 PM 2021-01-11 9:00:00 PM 3.12.0
Harvest league 2020-06-19 8:00:00 PM 2020-09-14 10:00:00 PM 3.11.0
Delirium league 2020-03-13 2020-06-15 3.10.0
Metamorph league 2019-12-13 8:00:00 PM 2020-03-09 9:00:00 PM 3.9.0
Blight league 2019-09-06 2019-12-09 9:00:00 PM 3.8.0
Legion league 2019-06-07 2019-09-03 3.7.0
Synthesis league 2019-03-08 2019-06-03 10:00:00 PM 3.6.0
Betrayal league 2018-12-07 2019-03-04 9:00:00 PM 3.5.0
Delve league 2018-08-31 2018-12-03 9:00:00 PM 3.4.0
Incursion league 2018-06-01 2018-08-27 10:00:00 PM 3.3.0
Bestiary league 2018-03-02 8:00:00 PM 2018-05-28 10:00:00 PM 3.2.0
Abyss league 2017-12-08 8:00:00 PM 2018-02-26 9:00:00 PM 3.1.0
Harbinger league 2017-08-04 8:00:00 PM 2017-12-04 9:00:00 PM 3.0.0
Legacy league 2017-03-03 2017-07-31 10:00:00 PM 2.6.0
Breach league 2016-12-02 8:00:00 PM 2017-02-27 9:00:00 PM 2.5.0
Essence league 2016-09-02 2016-11-28 2.4.0
Prophecy league 2016-06-03 2016-08-29 2.3.0
Perandus league 2016-03-04 2016-05-30 2.2.0
Talisman league 2015-12-11 2016-03-04 2.1.0
Tempest league 2015-07-10 2015-10-02 2.0.0
Warbands league 2015-07-10 2015-10-02 2.0.0
Bloodlines league 2014-12-13 2015-03-24 1.3.0
Torment league 2014-12-13 2015-03-24 1.3.0
Beyond league 2014-08-20 2014-11-20 1.2.0
Rampage league 2014-08-20 2014-11-20 1.2.0
Ambush league 2014-03-05 2014-07-05 1.1.0
Invasion league 2014-03-05 2014-07-05 1.1.0
Domination league 2013-10-23 2014-02-23 1.0.0
Nemesis league 2013-10-23 2014-02-23 1.0.0
Anarchy league 2013-06-07 2013-10-07 0.11.0
Onslaught league 2013-06-07 2013-10-07 0.11.0

Race leagues

Main page: Races

Race leagues are temporary leagues created specifically for a single race event.

These leagues have their own stash. At the end of the event, characters and their stashed items will be moved to the parent league, which is typically Hardcore or Void league. The player's race stash may be placed in remove-only stash tabs if the parent league has no empty tabs. A list of race modifiers is here.

Private league

Main page: Private league

Private leagues are purchasable, custom made leagues that allows adding additional modifiers that make Path of Exile more challenging.

Private leagues can be based around the permanent leagues or the current challenge league. Additional modifiers can be added to the league, such as increased monster stats, no flask refill at towns, or disabled vendors or stash. Additional league duration and player slots can be purchased with points, with the option to allow other players to contribute to the purchase.

Version history

Version Changes
  • You can no longer obtain Level 2 and higher versions of the Empower, Enhance and Enlighten Support Gems from league rewards. Level 4 versions can still be obtained from corruption and specific Divination Cards.
  • Added Private Leagues.
  • First challenge temporary leagues are introduced.
  • Renamed Default League to Standard League.
  • The last rest of the current permanent Standard and Hardcore Leagues
0.10.0 rel=before
  • Introduced to the game.


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