Singular Focus

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For player passive skill former known as Singular Focus, see Tolerance.
Singular Focus
Maps found have 200% more chance to be Favoured Maps
Non-Favoured Maps found in your Maps drop as Basic Currency Items instead [1]
You fancy yourself a god. You see only what you want to see.

Singular Focus is an atlas passive skill and Atlas keystone.


Triples the weighting of Favoured maps; the number of times the map is Favoured does not affect this (other than indirectly increasing the weighting). It is best used to oversustain a single map. It may be better to Favourite more than one map for overall map sustain. Note that this keystone does not triple the amount of maps dropped; due to the loss of Map Equity through the currency conversion, one may find less maps with the Keystone than without it.

This does not affect certain Map Rewards such as those from Delirium rewards.

Singular Focus will prevent the player from dropping Unique Maps (including Synthesis Maps), Shaper Guardian maps, and Elder Guardian or Conquerors maps that generate with a base map other than your Favoured maps. Elder Guardian and Conquerors maps that generate with Favoured base maps will still appear.[1]

Blighted maps also can only appear if they generate on your Favoured base map, and not all base maps have a corresponding Blighted version.

Ruthless mode

In Ruthless mode, non-Favoured maps are not converted to currency and increased chance for Favoured maps to drop is reduced to 100%.


As of version 3.18.0 it is located near the center of the atlas passive skill tree, to the upper right of the central "Kirac" wheel.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.