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Infographic showing the result of Horticrafting an item using the (removed) "Reforge an item keeping all prefixes" craft.

Harvest Crafting or Horticrafting refers to creating or improving items by utilizing harvested modifiers, or "crafts". It was introduced in the Harvest league and added to the core game in the Echoes of the Atlas expansion, and has undergone multiple updates since then. Players can explore maps to find entrances to the The Sacred Grove. Monsters in the Sacred Grove drop Crystallized Lifeforce which are used for Harvest crafting recipes using the Horticrafting Station.

These crafts allow players to create greatly improved rare items, because they allow greater control over the modification process versus using orbs, or exchanging currency or fragment items for different ones.

  • For example, the craft "Augment an item with a new Life modifier" works in a similar fashion to an Exalted OrbExalted OrbStack Size: 10Augments a rare item with a new random modifierRight click this item then left click a rare item to apply it. Rare items can have up to six random modifiers.
    Shift click to unstack.
    , but offers the ability to add a Life-related modifier, rather than simply adding one of hundreds of possible modifiers at random.
  • Certain crafts are completely unique to Harvest crafting and cannot be performed with any other method currently in the game. For example, the craft "Change a modifier that grants Fire Resistance into a similar tier modifier that grants Lightning Resistance" is completely unique and allows players to "fix" items that are perfect for their build but have a resistance modifier that they don't need.
  • Harvest crafting also allows you to change other features of the item, such as its influence or turning it into a Synthesised item.


Harvest crafts can be applied normal, magic and rare items. Unique items cannot be modified but a few enchants can be applied to them, if applicable.

Modifier groups

To learn which tag a given modifier falls under, roll-over an item while pressing the Alt key. You will see the modifier tags above the modifier. Eg. "Adds # to # Cold Damage" falls under the groups of Attack, Cold, Elemental and Damage.

A partial listing of modifiers that fall within the modifier tags are given as follows:

  • Life - # to Maximum Life, % Increased Maximum Life, Regenerate # Life per Second, Attack Damage Leeched as Life, # Life Gained on Kill, % Increased Totem Life, % Increased Minion Life
  • Attack - Adds # to # Physical/Cold/Fire/Lightning Damage to Attacks, Attack Speed, Attacks Penetrate % Elemental Resistance (Influenced only)
  • Defence - # to Evasion Rating/Armour/Energy Shield, Stun and Block Recovery (hybrid mod only), Evasion Rating/Armour/Energy Shield
  • Caster - % Increased Spell Damage, % Increased Cast Speed, Adds # to # Physical/Cold/Fire/Lightning Damage to Spells, Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier for Spells
  • Critical - Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier, Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier for Spells
  • Physical - Adds # to # Physical Damage to spells/attacks, % Increased Physical Damage, % Physical Damage leeched as Life/Mana
  • Fire - Fire Resistance, Adds # to # Fire Damage to spells/attacks, % Increased Fire Damage, % Fire Damage leeched as Life/Mana
  • Lightning - Lightning Resistance, Adds # to # Lightning Damage to spells/attacks, % Increased Lightning Damage, % LightningDamage leeched as Life/Mana
  • Cold - Cold Resistance, Adds # to # Cold Damage to spells/attacks, % Increased Cold Damage, % Cold Damage leeched as Life/Mana
  • Chaos - Chaos Resistance, Adds # to # Chaos Damage to spells/attacks, % Increased Chaos Damage, % Chaos Damage leeched as Life/Mana
  • Speed - Increased Movement Speed (Boots only), Increased Attack/Cast Speed

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Harvest Crafting Option that applies an Enchantment to a non-Unique Map causing it to not consume Sextant charges has been replaced with an Enchantment for non-Unique Maps that provides a 50% chance to not consume Sextant Uses.
  • The "Sacrifice a Corrupted Map. Create a new Corrupted Map of the same tier and rarity." Harvest crafting option now requires a Rare Corrupted Map to be sacrificed, and is no longer able to incorrectly create a new Corrupted Map of a higher tier.
  • We've introduced Fracturing Orb and Fracturing Shards, and have removed the Harvest Craft that fractures a random modifier on an item.
  • Harvest monsters are no longer associated with specific crafting options and do not grant uses of crafting options on death. Instead, monsters defeated now drop a stack of lifeforce.
  • Lifeforce are tradable currency items which come in three types, Primal, Wild and Vivid, matching the three types of Harvest monster. Slots for these items have been added to the Currency Stash Tab.
  • Lifeforce can be used at the Horticrafting Station, which has been reworked, in your hideout. Instead of functioning as a way to store crafts for later use, the Horticrafting Station is now similar to the Crafting Bench, providing a list of every Harvest crafting option to choose from.
  • Each craft costs a certain amount of lifeforce to use. They can be used as many times as you like, as long as you have the necessary lifeforce.
  • The Harvest crafting options have been overhauled. Many have been rebalanced and tweaked, while others have been removed or found new homes.
  • Fixed a bug where Harvest plots could grant fewer than four crafts. Each plot now correctly grants a minimum of four crafts per plot.
  • Increased the chance for Map Areas to contain The Sacred Grove by 60%. The chance to encounter a Zana mission requiring you to complete a Harvest encounter has also been increased by the same amount.
  • The Sacred Grove now contains a minimum of three pairs of plots that can be harvested from.
  • The Heart of the Grove encounter will no longer appear in place of a normal Harvest encounter. Instead, it can now be accessed through a Sacred Blossom map fragment that sometimes drops from Tier 4 Harvest bosses.
  • Completing the Heart of the Grove encounter for the first time now unlocks 5 extra Horticrafting Station crafting slots, allowing you to store up to a maximum of 15 crafting options.
  • Crafts are no longer guaranteed from seeds.
  • Now, seeds of Tiers 1, 2 and 3 each have a chance to provide a craft, with Tier 4 seeds still guaranteeing a craft.
  • The number of Tier 2 and 3 seeds encountered in Harvest Plots has remained unchanged, so the encounters will remain as challenging as they were before.
  • Some crafts that had overly-deterministic behaviour have been removed:
    • Most Annulment-type crafts (crafts that removed a modifier of a specific type)
    • All type-specific Divine crafts (crafts that rerolled the value of specific modifiers).
  • Type-specific Exalted crafts (crafts that augmented modifiers of specific types to items) can now only be applied to non-influenced items. This does not apply to the existing modifier which applies an Influenced modifier to an already Influenced item.
  • Crafts that added random Atlas Influences to certain types of non-Influenced items have been removed. In their place, crafts that randomise the existing Influence on an item while also reforging it with new modifiers have been added.
  • Rebalanced the weightings of seeds so that you're seeing type-specific crafts at a more equal rate (for example Cold, Fire and Lightning).
  • The weightings of crafts have also been rebalanced so that the more powerful crafts such as the Exalted-type crafts are now rarer.
  • Weaker crafts such as "Set an item to three sockets" have also been removed, making the higher tier versions of these crafts more common.
  • Harvest has been added to the core game and has been vastly reworked.
  • The Sacred Grove and its contents have been removed.

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