Simulacrum Splinter

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Simulacrum SplinterStack Size: 300Combine 300 Splinters to create a Simulacrum.
Drop restricted
Drop level: 1
Drops from Delirium encounters.
Vendor Offer
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Currency Item
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Currency/CurrencyAfflictionShard

Simulacrum Splinter is a currency item.

Item acquisition

Simulacrum Splinter has restrictions on where or how it can drop. Drops from Delirium encounters.


Simulacrum Splinter can be created from the following recipes:

8CheckmateCheckmate876x Simulacrum SplinterWhen victory is impossible, each of us plays only to delay the end.Simulacrum Splinter x76M
1The VoidThe Void1Reach into the Void and claim your prize.Random divination card set exchangeA

Usage in recipes

Simulacrum Splinter is used in the following recipes:

SimulacrumSimulacrumHow do you defeat that which dwells within you?Open a Delirium portal by using this item in a personal Map Device. Can only be used once.300Simulacrum SplinterSimulacrum SplinterStack Size: 300Combine 300 Splinters to create a Simulacrum.M

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.

ru:Осколок Симулякра