The Rotting Core

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The Rotting Core
No Waypoint
Area level64
BossesDoedre, Darksoul
Maligaro, The Broken
Shavronne, Unbound
The Depraved Trinity
Area type tagssewers
Tagsindoors_area, act_boss_area, belly_area, otherworldly_story_area, harvest_area, vile_areas, doedre_area, shavronne_area, maligaro_area, unholy_trio_area
ConnectionsThe Belly of the Beast
Oriath Docks
The putrid interior oozes and spoils.

The Rotting Core is an area in Act 9. It is connected to The Belly of the Beast. Vaal side area has a chance to spawn.

The area has a subarea The Black Core, which in turn connects to Doedre's Despair, Maligaro's Misery, Shavronne's Sorrow and finally The Black Heart.


  • Sin (in the Black Heart)



The Rotting Core:

In Doedre's Despair:

In Maligaro's Misery:

In Shavronne's Sorrow:

The Black Heart after killing; Doedre, Darksoul, Maligaro, The Broken, Shavronne, Unbound:

Drop Monsters
Doedre's MadnessDoedre's Madness9Doedre Item"Hold your tongue before I claim it." - Doedre Darktongue23Doedre Darktongue
Prodigy of Hexes
Doedre the Vile
Portentia, the Foul
Doedre, Darksoul
Doedre, Darksoul
Doedre the Defiler
Doedre the Defiler
Headmistress Braeta
The AestheteThe Aesthete8Shavronne Item"Some see our mortal flesh as a limitation. I see it as an opportunity for vast, miraculous improvements."
- Shavronne of Umbra
23Reassembled Brutus
Shavronne of Umbra
Prodigy of Darkness
Gisale, Thought Thief
Shavronne, Unbound
Shavronne the Sickening
The OfferingThe Offering8Shavronne's WrappingsEternal beauty has a cost, one which Shavronne was happy to pay with the lives of others.47Reassembled Brutus
Prodigy of Darkness
Gisale, Thought Thief
Shavronne, Unbound
Shavronne the Sickening
The SoulThe Soul9Soul Taker"Most people only have one. I'm a bit of a hoarder."68The Depraved Trinity

Items found in this area

The following drop-restricted items can drop in this area.

The HungerThe Hunger9Taste of Hate"How many lives have you consumed?"
"How many times have you blinked?"
The InsatiableThe Insatiable3The Harvest
A lust for souls. The urge to kill just to satisfy its thirst. An unbearable burden that would make even the purest heart blacken over time.
The NurseThe Nurse8The DoctorWe tried to tell him to get his head checked.30
The OathThe Oath6Death's OathAn oath once made is an oath never broken. Do not delay in keeping it, for I take no pleasure in fools.47
Vile PowerVile Power5DoomfletchDread and danger
makes the air feel thin.
Above, power slumbers, tempting fate.
Greed and ambition
draws countless in,
For those who seek power
can never wait.


It is the same area as The Harvest. After the player controlled protagonist killed The Beast in Act 5, it seems also affects the area.


Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.

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