The Coast (Act 6)

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The Coast
No Waypoint
Area level45
BossesRaihara, Tukohama's Loyal
Area type tagsshore
Tagsarea_with_water, einharshieldcrab, einharfuryhound, act6_karui_area, ocean_area
ConnectionsLioneye's Watch
The Mud Flats
The Tidal Island
Vaal Side AreasConcealed Cavity
Strange Sinkhole
Remote Gulch
The Ancestors return to conquer these shores once again.

The Coast is an area in Act 6. This area has a waypoint and is connected to Lioneye's Watch, The Tidal Island, and The Mud Flats.

The layout is largely the same as The Coast (Act 1), but the Act 6 variant is daytime.


Items found in this area

The following drop-restricted items can drop in this area.

Lantador's Lost LoveLantador's Lost Love7Two-Stone RingThey fought the storm together as one,
Until the longest of days was done.
Their love grew stronger
with every breath,
Until it was broken apart in death.
The Metalsmith's GiftThe Metalsmith's Gift6Prismatic RingA month's work, a year's wages, a foolish shortcut through a Rhoa's nest, and a grieving bride-to-be, who never received her betrothed's great gift.23

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game

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