The Belly of the Beast Level 2

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The Belly of the Beast Level 2
No Waypoint
Area level39
BossesPiety, the Abomination
Area type tagssewers
Tagsindoors_area, no_divine, no_tempests, belly_area, otherworldly_story_area, vile_areas
ConnectionsThe Belly of the Beast Level 1
The Harvest
Enter the Nightmare.

The Belly of the Beast Level 2 is an area in Act 4. It doesn't have a waypoint and is connected to The Belly of the Beast Level 1. Within the zone is the The Bowels of The Beast where you will find Piety. After defeating her you can move on to The Harvest.

The zone includes a lot of bleed damage from Gut Flayers with their Puncture ability. If this becomes an issue, any flask with the of Staunchingof Staunching
Grants Immunity to Bleeding for 4 seconds if used while Bleeding
Grants Immunity to Corrupted Blood for 4 seconds if used while affected by Corrupted Blood
suffix will remove the debuff.



The Eternal Nightmare


Items found in this area

The following drop-restricted items can drop in this area.

The BeastThe Beast6Belly of the BeastTo know the monster, you must become the monster.35
The HungerThe Hunger9Taste of Hate"How many lives have you consumed?"
"How many times have you blinked?"

Concept art

Version Changes
  • Significantly improved the Alien Grass in the Belly of the Beast.

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