The Crossroads (Act 7)

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The Crossroads
No Waypoint
Area level51
Area type tagssouthernforest, axis
Tagsarea_with_water, einharbeast, crossroad_area, has_foxes_area, has_road_area
ConnectionsThe Broken Bridge
The Fellshrine Ruins
The Chamber of Sins Level 1
Vaal Side AreasHidden Patch
Ancient cruelty tears through the cobbled intersection.

The Crossroads is an area in Act 7. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Broken Bridge, The Fellshrine Ruins, and The Chamber of Sins Level 1.

The path to the southeast leads to the Ruins, the path to the southwest is blocked, and the path to the northeast leads to the Chamber of Sins.


Items found in this area

The following drop-restricted items can drop in this area.

Rain of ChaosRain of Chaos8Chaos OrbFire filled the sky that night
Chaos reigned
Where the shards fell
All was destroyed
-Jozen Kasigi, retelling an urban legend of the Cataclysm
The DoppelgangerThe Doppelganger2Mirror Arrow
Quality: +20%
Upon seeing her face, I am terrified—the moon shows me my own form!
The HarvesterThe Harvester11The HarvestTaste not of their
forbidden fruit.
Theirs is a harvest of
the darkest kind,
twisted, rotten and
damned for eternity.
The HermitThe Hermit9LifesprigThe hermit's only friend is the greenery he can find.23

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.

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