The Western Forest (Act 6)

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The Western Forest
No Waypoint
Area level48
BossesDefiled Proclamation
Area type tagsforestdark
Tagseinharcavespiders, einharcavespiders, einharmonkey, einharparasite, has_foxes_area, has_road_area
ConnectionsPrisoner's Gate
The Riverways
Vaal Side AreasNarrow Ravine
What madness flitters and creeps through the darkened trees?

The Western Forest is an area in Act 6. This area has a waypoint and is connected to Prisoner's Gate and The Riverways.

The area bears a similar structure to the area of the same name in Act 2, with a road leading through the area. The Blackguard Barricade remains in place, and Alira's fort will be present. However, the blackguards are undead, the camp infested with thaumaturgical abominations, and the Weaver's cave is no longer present.


Items found in this area

The following drop-restricted items can drop in this area.

No items include this area in their drop restrictions.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.

ru:Западный лес (Акт 6)