The Crystal Veins

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The Crystal Veins
No Waypoint
Area level36
BossesThe Burning Man
Area type tagscavern
Tagsindoors_area, einharcavespiders, mine_area, cave_area, crystal_ore_area, crystalline_area
ConnectionsThe Mines Level 2
Kaom's Dream
Daresso's Dream
The Belly of the Beast Level 1
Vaal Side AreasHaunted Mineshaft
Gifts of the Beast, awaiting plunder.

The Crystal Veins is an area in Act 4. It has a waypoint and is connected to The Mines Level 2, Daresso's Dream, Kaom's Dream, and The Belly of the Beast Level 1.

As in the two Mines levels, your character once again comments on a mine-shaking rumble when you first enter. The lone unique monster, The Burning Man, explodes on death dealing a significant amount of damage that may be enough to one-shot the player, especially if using mainly evasion-based gear.



The Crystal Veins is the destination of The Plaguemaw VThe Plaguemaw VA room, etched in crystal, plays home to the Plaguemaw. He awaits you.You will enter the Plaguemaw's chamber in the Crystal Veins or Crystal Ore Map.Right-click to add this prophecy to your character. prophecy

Items found in this area

The following drop-restricted items can drop in this area.

RebirthRebirth27Charan's SwordHe shattered Her smile
Scattered the fragments like ash
All she did was laugh
The EnduranceThe Endurance4Vivid Crimson JewelCrimson rubies, drops of vigour,
flowing through my veins,
flesh like coal, try to crush me,
diamond is what remains.
Volatile PowerVolatile Power9Vaal Gem
Quality: +20%
Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Removed the Cruel and Merciless difficulty levels. Path of Exile is now a single ten-act playthrough.
  • The Banshee monsters in the Crystal Veins have been renamed Shriekers.
  • Introduced to the game

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