Lightning Orb

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For the Orb skill that deals lightning damage, see Orb of Storms.
For the Ritual that fires lightning orb, see Fluctuant Ritual.
Lightning Orb
Lightning Orb
Lightning Orb
Level(s) 64
Location(s) Shavronne's Sorrow

Lightning Orb is the name of several in-game monsters.


Monster stats

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The damage value is for the default attack only. Delve may have scaling differ from map and storyline. Change the parameter to endgame and map level and tick the box for "Is map monster" for Elder Guardian version.

There is one additional version, Metadata/Monsters/LightningOrb/NovasoulLightningOrb probably from The Temple of Atzoatl.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.