The Reliquary (Act 5)

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The Reliquary
No Waypoint
Area level44
Area type tagscity1
Tagsindoors_area, delve_chest, relic_area, mausoleum_area
ConnectionsThe Ruined Square
Vaal Side AreasRestricted Collection (1_SideArea5_7)
A trove of shameful relics displayed with pride.

The Reliquary is an area in Act 5. This area has a waypoint and is connected to Ruined Square.

This area is returned in Act 10 as The Reliquary (Act 10). During Conquerors of the Atlas and Echoes of the Atlas expansions' Epilogue, the area once again revisited as The Haunted Reliquary.



Items found in this area

The following drop-restricted items can drop in this area.

Blind VentureBlind Venture7Ring
"It's risky not knowing where your wares come from. That's why I source my own."
- Klayver, the Antiquarian
Might is RightMight is Right9TrypanonThe mind had much to endure before the advent of thaumaturgy.30
The PolymathThe Polymath3AstramentisGenius knows no limits.23


  • The Reliquary functions as a museum of artifacts, including those of the Karui. In particular there are the three Kitava's Torments, artifacts belonging to the Karui gods: Hinekora's HairHinekora's Hair"What we steal in life we repay in death."
    - Karui Proverb
    , Tukohama's ToothTukohama's Tooth"The belly cannot hunger for what the eyes cannot see."
    - Karui Proverb
    , and Valako's JawValako's Jaw"One day you eat the fish. One day you feed the fish."
    - Karui Proverb
    , along with a plaque explaining the legend explaining the origins of each item.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game as part of Act 5.

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