The Vaal City

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The Vaal City
No Waypoint
Area level54
Area type tagssouthernforest2
Tagsarea_with_water, einharthornspiders, vaal_ruin_area, has_foxes_area
ConnectionsThe Causeway
The Temple of Decay Level 1
Vaal Side AreasForbidden Chamber
Ancient and arcane, a civilisation lost to the dust of history.

The Vaal City is an area in Act 7. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Causeway and The Temple of Decay Level 1.




Items found in this area

The following drop-restricted items can drop in this area.

The CatalystThe Catalyst3Vaal OrbSimple actions can lead the world to an early grave.23
The HermitThe Hermit9LifesprigThe hermit's only friend is the greenery he can find.23



While they were highly advanced in their technology, the Vaal were rather brutish in their social practices. I find it rather baffling to think of the Vaal as a people who believed in science and progress and yet constructed elaborate sacrificial altars in the centers of their cities.

Judging by the construction of this particular ruin, I would say that the city rose to prominence during the reign of Queen Tetzlapokal who some scholars refer to as a 'waif of disturbing proclivities'. She was a devotee of Arakaali and according to the literature, had a deep fascination with mortality and the inert human form.

The histories tell how the queen would request her subjects to deposit the bodies of their deceased loved ones upon the steps of her palace. The corpses would be promptly taken inside to be used for...unfortunately most scholars fell into hysterical conjecture at that point. At least I hope it was conjecture.


- Eramir "The Vaal City" dialogue

Lore objects

The following environmental lores can be found in this area:

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.

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