Syndicate Hideout (Research)

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Syndicate Hideout
No Waypoint
Area level73
Area type tagschurch
100% increased Experience gain
Minimap is Revealed

Syndicate Hideout (known as Syndicate Safehouse in quest UI) is an area. It the location of Immortal Syndicate Safehouse of the Research wing.


The area is a linear area. The boss room is located at the end of the area. Except the boss room, all areas are outdoor.

The area is based on The Slums tileset. There are some environmental objects that shoot a laser which inflicts the Scientist's Beam debuff, which deals lightning damage over time.


Any Immortal Syndicate members as bosses

Items found in this area

The following drop-restricted items can drop in this area.

No items include this area in their drop restrictions.

Drop rates are crowdsourced in version 3.21.0; sample size 434[1] Actual drop rates may vary.

Interrogated leaders in this area have a ~3.5% chance to drop VivinsectVivinsect
Unset Ring
Requires Level 45Has 1 Socket+5 to Level of Socketed Aura Gems
Socketed Gems have 20% reduced Reservation Efficiency
+(15-25) to all Attributes
Regenerate 15 Life per second for each Uncorrupted Item Equipped
-2 to Total Mana Cost of Skills for each Corrupted Item Equipped
Veiled Suffix
"Fusing the parasite with another ring has manifested unpredictable effects.
I theorise the sacrificial vessel's level of anguish is a key variable.
- Arzaak, Syndicate Researcher
Take this item to Jun Ortoi to have her Unveil it.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Syndicate Safehouses now have a minimum area level of 73.
  • Opening the portals to a Syndicate Safehouse in your hideout after you've acquired a Map DeviceMap DeviceHideout ItemCreates an object in your hideout2 Variations now creates those portals at your Map Device.
  • Safehouses now have 100% increased Experience from monsters
  • Introduced to the game