Azurite Cavity

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An Azurite node with the stone that starts the encounter (top right)
An Azurite encounter in progress, with monsters spawning to attack (bottom)

Azurite Cavity is a node in the Azurite Mine, and is the primary source of obtaining Azurite required to unlock various upgrades at the Azurite Mine Encampment.

It is the lowest tier Azurite node, known as Tier 1, and drops the least Azurite. It can spawn in any biome.


After reaching the node with Crawler, there is an environmental object to start the encounter. The encounter is divided into a monster wave phase and boss phase.

The encounter first spawns waves of monsters, such as:

Unstable Weta is dangerous due to its death effect which scales with the depth of the mine. Unstable Weta looks bigger than the Weta PetWeta PetPetSummons your pet as well the Cave Weta.

After some time, the node will start to spawn the bosses of the node, the Living Azurite, which can spawn as normal/magic/rare monsters. Killing the Living Azurite will complete the encounter as well as drop Azurite to be collected.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.